Forecast 2019 Elections – A Conspiracy Theory

Forecast 2019 Elections - A Conspiracy Theory
Forecast 2019 Elections - A Conspiracy Theory

Taking into consideration the rise in Hindutva and communal flare ups since Modi took charge in 2014, a thought keeps nagging me to the level of discomfort. I can almost see the 2019 Elections never taking place. There is a valid logical pattern that leads me to believe it.

2019 Elections – A Debatable Topic

Everywhere you go, you find people discussing about the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. Everyone has their own opinion.  I hear people talking about Modi Leher (Modi Wave) and Anti-Modi  Wave. I can’t help but observe how the perceptions of people have changed in last 4 years. I have seen people who couldn’t bear to hear a word against Modi, now call him a mistake. However, the question remains; how deeply is this thought spreading among Indians? What could really be the outcome of 2019 elections?

Modi Effect On The Indians

Many scholars around the world have considered Demonetisation a disaster while some have called it an organised loot. It practically took away the cash from the hands of the poor and put it in the banking sector. Many people had to suffer for days and months to come. Small businesses suffered the most. Having undergone such tyrannous experience was not enough and then came the GST, Goods and Services Tax. These two master strokes of Modi, as his supporters like to call it, broke backs of millions of Indians. Do you think this could affect how people respond to the BJP in coming 2019 Lok Sabha Elections?

The Middle Class and the people of lower income group struggle with the holes that the inflation keeps making in their pockets. Since 2014, prices of commodities have doubled and in some cases tripled. In general, the price hike in the expenses over the years has been much higher than the increase in the earning potential of the people. It has become practically impossible for an urban middle class family to sustain a decent lifestyle. In 2019 Elections this is going to be a major factor to form people’s opinions.

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Factors Influencing the 2019 Elections

Fake News On The Rise

Indians are more aware now than they were a couple decades ago. Technology has a great part to play in it. However, the IT cell of the BJP has lavishly misused this technology to spread misleading and fake information over the internet. Eventually the truth does prevail and unless someone really finds the fake information more appealing, they correct themselves. Alt News has been doing a wonderful job at bringing the truth to the people who wish to seek it. However, if things keep going the way they are going right now, Indians don’t have much hope in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

There are many people who never get to hear the real story. Even if they do, it’s too late since people by then have already formed their opinion. Using the fake news and propaganda to spread communal hatred creates a polarised society which in no way is good for a developing country like India. BJP’s 2014 win was to a great extent result of this and it could also follow in 2019 Elections.

Economic Imbalance

The prices for some of the commodities have doubled, the taxes that we pay on them have also doubled. The coffers are receiving much more than what it did before. On top of that India’s debt to the world bank has increased where it maintains the top most position in the list of recipients. In spite of all that, everything is getting more and more expensive day after day. There has to be something in it for the poor and the middle class too. Rich industrialists can’t be the only takers in this game.

India wants to know where this money is going! Unless the people see some positive changes happening in their favour, it is going to be very difficult for the Modi led BJP to bag enough seats to make the government in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. Moreover, the rich industrialists only comprise of 1% of India’s population. The government has to do a better job than just blowing the Hindutva trumpet to fool the voters again. Maybe it won’t work this time in the 2019 elections.

Congress – The Rising Phoenix

With the sudden upsurge of Rahul Gandhi‘s popularity, it seems that winning 2019 Elections is not going to be a piece of cake as people thought it would. BJP and its allies still portray that he is no big threat. However, we witnessed it in recent Gujarat Elections how every single senior leader of BJP was campaigning against one single Rahul Gandhi. BJP did win the elections but the Yuva Leaders of the Indian National Congress showed their mettle. Even though many controversies were created against them, it did not deter them from standing strong.

The Indian National Congress rising from the ashes was a completely incomprehensible and disturbing reality for the BJP, who is trying very hard to attain a “Congress Free India”.

Hindutva On The Rise

Extreme Right Wing has flared up manifold since 2014. We can see the up-rise in the number of activities carried out by them, ranging from the mass lynching, hate crimes, crimes against women, open threats against celebrities, vandalism, destruction of public property, cold blooded murders, mass brainwashing, instigating riots; you name it—they’ve got it! I have just cited a few. With the rise of the Hindutva in India, the communal tension is gaining its pace. Once can choose to live in denial but the footprints lead to a full scale communal riot before the 2019 Elections.

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Creating Joblessness

An Idle mind is a devil’s workshop. With nothing to do and unlimited internet, India’s youth is facing a vacuum in their life. Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are a few platforms where these minds dwell. There are hundreds of groups across these platforms started by the BJP IT cell or other right winged organisations. They constantly spread provoking posts wrapped in a fine blend of truth and lies. The main aim of these right winged organisations is to create some sort of communal rage in people’s hearts. Just like they did in 1992; but this time it could be the worst. There is a lot of anger and hatred filled in the hearts of our youth today because of such political practices. The jobless youth of India has become a land mine waiting to be stepped on.

Instead of their involvement with their work, support their family and be an active part of the social reform, the politicians are trying to get these young minds involved in the fanaticism of the Hindutva to prepare for a communal outbreak if necessary! It seems as if India is preparing for a war but the enemy seems to be innocent Indians this time. Fear of 2019 Elections never taking place has this as one of the biggest factor.

The Corner Stones Of The Conspiracy Theory

Since Modi led BJP government has taken office in 2014, we have seen some well planned changes that took place. All these changes have been made keeping one thing in mind; Singularity of Power and eliminating the opposition. We don’t have to look that far, we can see these things clearly by looking at the below mentioned points. They clearly point out a strategic manoeuvre to win the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.


Aadhaar has become the most valued database of Indians. It is an identity of your being a citizen. In other words, if you don’t have an Aadhaar, you are either not an Indian citizen, or you don’t exist. Since each and every detail of your existence is linked to Aadhaar, it is easy to track a person down, which is good if it helps the authorities to catch a culprit. However, it can be misused by the government since your existence depends on a simple delete button. Ethnic filtration of voters is a possibility in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.


We have witnessed that BJP has, by hook or by crook, managed to gain power of the state by forming a government in most states. Even places where they got as low as only two seats, they still formed the government. That’s not all though, they even formed government in a state where they got zero seats. Even in the state where they didn’t get more than 3 seats, they still control the executive functions and maintain an indirect control.


BJP has successfully created some full time mouthpieces for themselves who harp the same tune over and over again. Aggression and loud voices is their identity. These media outlets do nothing but create an opinion of the masses and create emotional distress in the people. Most media are on their side and if anyone dares to talk against them, they faces a hefty defamation suit. The attempt to crush the freedom of expression and the freedom of press is the very first step towards the fascist regime. The prime objective is to exhibit supreme control over the minds of people and it will be too late before they realise what’s happening.

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Judiciary, President And The Military

In India we have never seen before that the centre government dictates the courts what decision they must take. Neither have we seen the centre trying to interfere with judicial matters. The protocol of communications had never been broken before the Modi led BJP came to power.

It is all a well planned game! Appointing of Ram Nath Kovind as the president of India, who appoints the CJI Dipak Misra. Instead of Lt Gen Praveen Bakshi, who was set to be the next Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Bipin Rawat jumped the queue instead.

Therefore, The head of the Judiciary, the president and the Military Chief, they create the three pivotal points in the triangle of power and have the ability to change how this country functions.

The Outcome Of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

I tried to describe the key points of this theory and tried to be as brief as I could to help you visualise and create a mental picture of the entire situation. Many would have stopped reading this already but if you have reached this point, you must be wondering where am I going with all that. Isn’t it obvious?

Stage 1: Communal Riots

Since Modi Government has come to power, the communal violence has stayed on the rise. As reported by The Economic Times, 751 incidents of communal violence were reported in 2015 compared to 644 in 2014. In 2017 the figure rose to 822 incidents of communal violence.

We have just entered the 4th month of 2018 and not a day has gone by when there wasn’t a report on some kind of communal violence. This is just the beginning! With no numbers to prove the growth and development in India, communal riots is the last resort and that is what is happening. Before the end of 2018, there will be another 2002. While under Modi’s watch innocents were butchered in the Gujarat riots, it will happen again this year. And while that all happens, the police will exhibit the highest level of impotency to control the mob.

Though, the death tool was over 2,000 in 1992 when the riots were not just limited to one state, it is going to be much higher this year. There is a big chunk of aggressive, jobless testosterone ready to explode.

Stage2: Possible Military Rule

As we all have heard this before, coming events cast their shadows before; and we also know that Zee News is to BJP like Fox News is to the Republicans, there was once a debate on BJP’s most favourite News Channel which was about a survey that suggested that most Indians preferred a Military Rule since India could benefit from a Military Rule.

As we all know, you can’t have smoke without a spark, there was a reason for this initiative by Zee News. They were simply trying to push an agenda and form an opinion.

Now, with the Media, CJI, The President, Military and millions of jobless youth, it won’t take a lot of effort for the Hindutva brigade to make it possible to annihilate the Muslim population of India under the Military rule. That’s exactly what happened in Myanmar with Rohingyas. No questions asked! Freedom of Speech – A Myth! Free Press – Non Existent! No one will ever know what all happened and who all got wiped out. All you need to do is to erase the Aadhaar Data and the person won’t even have existed. The dead bodies become John Doe’s followed by a series.