56,000 People Flee As Mount Mayon Volcano Erupts in Philippines

Mount Mayon Volcano
Mount Mayon Volcano

PHILIPPINES – Mount Mayon, one of the most active volcano in the Philippines erupted for over eight minutes on Monday. More than 56,000 people have fled to evacuation camps. The Police and Army at rescue!

It exploded at least five times in last two days and the lava fountains were more than 500 meters high and generated ash plumes that reached around 3 Kilometres above the crater.

The government has raised the alert level to 4 which is the second highest level while increasing the danger zone to 5 miles.

How the lives got affected

Due to the heavy ashfall, the Civil Aviation Authority of Philippines was forced to shut down the Legazpi Airport in Albay province. This affected 9 international and 16 domestic flights.

The scientists have called the volcanic eruptions as “pyroclastic density currents” since the lava contains rock derbies and water. It also contains much higher proportion of gasses. It has the capability to move as fast as 700 km/h. The gases can reach up to the temperature of 1000ºC.

There are still many people inside the danger zone that are being evacuated. The efforts are ongoing to move them to the temporary evacuation centres. So far more than 30,000 ash masks along with food, water and medicine have been distributed. If the eruption continues, the evacuation centres stay at a risk to run out of supply.

Authorities are having a very difficult time to keep the villagers from going back and checking their homes and belongings every now and then.