An Interview With A Transgender


It is not easy to be different! Even more, it takes a lot of courage to be different and stand up against the world. This is what exactly Meiwah Uy did when she discovered that she was a transgender. She embraced her identity and kept her chin high. She went against the tides and paved her own path.

Life Of Meiwah As A Transgender Woman

Meiwah was born in Tobaco, a small city in the Philippines where she has lived all her life. She was about 4 years old when she started to realise that she was not like other kids. Her parents were no strangers to this observation either. Luckily, she didn’t belong to an orthodox family and being religious, they accepted her as God had created her. Upon asking, she informed me that she had never faced any sort of bullying while growing up either.

Coming from a small town, they did not have access to the replacement hormones for her and she only started her transformation at the age of 24.

She mentioned, “I was lucky that I am not genetically hairy or it would have been even more difficult for me if I had grown facial hair.”

It was not till she started working that she tasted discrimination for the first time. After completing her education, she decided to work as a school teacher. She started teaching small kids, mostly elementary. Most of her colleagues were open minded and supportive, however, a few were not. The Principal of the school was particularly not very fond of her. As a result, she became a subject of a biased treatment and even though she worked very hard and was excellent with the kids, she never got any appreciation. She worked for many years as an elementary school teacher while her colleagues kept getting appraised.

This did not stop her. Rather, this made her fight harder. She did not give up. One day her efforts were recognised by the Superintendent of the Department of Education, Tobaco City, and promoted her as the principal. For last 4 years she has been working as a School Principal in the Philippines.

Living Life To The Fullest

Just like everybody else, she loves many activities besides her work. Travelling and being outdoors in the midst of the nature, along with some close friends is something she longs to do.

Unfortunately, being an independent transgender woman, she has had her share of heartaches too. Somehow, her relationships don’t go beyond a certain point since same sex marriage is not yet legal in the Philippines. She hopes to find her true love some day and have a fairy tale ending, just like anybody else.

Meiwah plans to work with the kids in future too. Upgrade her skills as she goes and help as many as she can. If possible, she would love to associate herself with some organisation where she can help young transgender children or teens to provide support and guidance.

Plans To Visit India

She said that she would love to visit India and Taj Mahal in particular as it is the symbol of love. Meiwah also expressed concerns over the laws against transgender population in India. She told me that many Indian transgenders approach her on facebook and instagram. She said, “They live in hiding. They are scared.” I then informed her that homosexuality is illegal in India. We both agreed that it should change soon.