Are You A Flexitarian?

Flexitarian Diet And Its Benefits
Flexitarian Diet And Its Benefits

Some say that the Flexitarians are vegetarians who eat meat. Now let’s be very clear! Vegetarians do not eat meat however, they do consume animal bi-products that don’t contain meat. So that brings us back to the same question … What is a Flexitarian?

What is a Flexitarian?

A flexitarian is a person who consumes very less meat, mostly at an interval of a few days. Most flexitarians eat meat once or twice a week and that too not too much. Most flexitarian also believe that eating white meat is much beneficial than eating the red meat hence, most of their meet consumption is chicken, fish or other forms of sea food.


Flexitarian Diet And Its Benefits
As per the food pyramid, the amount of certain food type to be ideally consumed


It brings us to another big question! Why? Why should I have to change my diet or adapt this fancy term called Flexitarian Diet when I have been eating what I eat every day since I can remember.

Let us look at some logical reasons that do make sense to follow the flexatarian diet.

  • Balanced Diet: When we reduce our consumption of meat, we do tend to replace it with other food items which could contain vegetables, pulses, sprouts or dairy products. When we tend to eat variety of food items and not limit ourselves to just meat, our body gets a most proteins, minerals and vitamins that we need.
  • Eating Healthy: When our diet contains more of greens, our body tends to stay fit and not gain on the extra pounds. With the health problems associated with our diet and lifestyle these days, we must make some changes in our day to day life to be able to sustain a better health as the days pass by.
  • Flexibility: A vegetarian has to depend only on the plant and dairy products for many nutrients that are not that abundantly present in the plants. Moreover, being a flexitarian adds options to your menu and more options mean more fun.

Looking at the benefits, the flexitarian diet seems like a really good option.