BJP India – Rape, Murder, Violence #NotMyIndia

BJP's India - Rape, Murder, Violence #NotMyIndia
Why is the BJP protecting the rapists and murders? Why is the leadership quiet about it?

#NotMyIndia: In last 4 years since the BJP took over, we have witnessed many incidents that make me question the integrity of the BJP leaders and Indian society. First time did I witness the Hindutva brigade protesting in favour of people who rape, murder or resort to violence.

#NotMyIndia |Not My India|

India has become a country full of shallow minds fighting over things which never should matter; feeling proud of things that don’t exist; what has become of the human kind? This humanity isn’t really a kind one.

Having lived in defence stations, I can clearly say that I was living in an eggshell till I was almost 18. Didn’t know the heinous world outside. It took me a couple of decades after that to truly come out of the state of ignorance and learn about how the world with its people truly operates. Dismayed and heartbroken I couldn’t accept this version of India as mine. This is not my vision of India, not my Indian dream! #NotMyIndia

Why Are the BJP Leaders Quiet?

As we all know that the BJP leaders have a pretty loud mouth when the need arises; however we have never seen them or their head, Narendra Modi speak a single word against their members who commit heinous crimes. Be it the mob violence or creating unrest in the society, or a planned act of start a communal outrage, they never come out to condemn their actions. What is the most shameful is that even when a minor is raped by the BJP MLA, they choose to stay quiet about it. That’s not the least, they in fact support the person.

On another separate incident they gang up the police proceedings to obstruct the justice. This is not the India I want to leave for my children for sure. This is Not My India, Not my dream for this country. As a responsible citizen, I protest! #NotMyIndia

Kathua Rape #NotMyIndia

An 8 year old girl kidnapped and held captive for days, repeatedly raped and finally killed. This gruesome act was well planned case of rape and murder where the Rape accused received a large amount of sympathy and support by the BJP ministers and other Hindutva outfits. Is Hindutva above the law? Does our constitution work differently if a Hindu rapes a Muslim than a Muslim Raping a Hindu? Why is the BJP and its supporters asking for a CBI inquiry when the crime branch has already solved the case and arrested the rape accused?

Unnao Rape #NotMyIndia

A minor girl repeatedly gang raped by a BJP MLA, his brother and a few more; the victim manages to escape and report the incident to the police. No FIR registered because the rapist is an influential person and a politician. This forced her to go to the court. FIR fired but no name of the rape accused. It takes a year and her father’s murder till it gets the media attention and the investigations begin.

Now comes even more shameful part. The BJP tries to defend the rapist since he carries a good vote bank. Even though The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act) 2012 states that the rape accused should be arrested immediately, the politician walks free. Adityanath ordered a probe in the matter instead.

Gangs Of The BJP #NotMyIndia

Many BJP leaders including Modi and Adityanath have in the past, time over time, made statements to instigate communal tension and even riots. We have all known it and seen it for decades. We have seen the stand-by gangs coming into action as if they were ready and waiting for what had just happened. However, what we had never seen before is the right winged Hindu outfits from different shakhas of the Sangh holding rallies to support petty criminals.

Shameless BJP and its Hindutva Brigade

We saw in when a Rajasthan man hacked a Muslim labourer to death and burnt him alive. Various Hindutva gangs started a fund raiser for the family of the murderer. Later, they took out rallies to protest his arrest and demanded that the police should set him free. At the same time when Muslims protested against this killing, they were arrested by the Rajasthan Police. #NotMyIndia

In Kathua the Hindutva brigade made another shameful display with the chants of Jai Shi Ram while carrying the tricolour, bringing disgrace to the National Flag. All this to protect the rapist! #NotMyIndia

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Aditya Nath shamelessly stated the justice will prevail. Rather he should have ordered the police to arrest the rapist, suspend the entire police station staff and sac the accused MLA out of the party. However, his actions showed absolute hypocrisy. #NotMyIndia

In the BJP news breifing, the spokesperson washed their hands by saying the two ministers were misled by the people. Stated that in a public life when you are at a position, people come to you and that’s what exactly happened with the BJP leaders who supported the accused in the Kathua Rape Case. #NotMyIndia

Another big embarrassment to the media is Zee News who is trying hard to save the BJP MLA by giving the story a new angle by stating the politicians name has just been added and was missing in the previous statement in front of the court. According to them the victim’s mother added the name just last month. #NotMyIndia

The Silence Of The Lambs

All the people I know who cry and howl on smallest of the things are silent now. It is painful to see their hypocrisy and their current state of misogyny. Somehow, they have spoken a lot about women empowerment in India in the past and during their election campaigns. But it is utterly foolish for us Indians to believe in their lies. We believed them and we elected them!

Beti Bachao was just an eyewash and a gimmick to gain votes. It is disturbing to see the Prime Minster of India, Narendra Modi mute about these issues. Of course, he will most probably make a feeble statement and express sympathy but it will be too late by then. #NotMyIndia