Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Accurate Reporting is our Motto and we spend a good amount of time in vetting all the news articles before we publish them. We might not always bring the first break to you if we are doubtful of the facts.

Hustle Vs News Reporting

To gain mass audience, often you will observe that the events are brought to you in fragments. Take any online publication, you will never find the entire story in one page. A reader has to go through many pages to get to the entire series of events.

At Your News Reporter, we try not to do that. To give our readers the complete picture, we try to incorporate as much as we can in one post. If we follow a story, we follow it all the way.

As a result, we sometimes wait for the facts to surface before we write about them. Honesty, transparency and authentic reporting are one of our highest morals that we never compromise with.

Inaccurate Report

Just like any other human being, we also make mistakes. However, we always acknowledge our errors and fix them. Unlike few, we never delete a news article once published. If we have reported some incorrect information, we correct it in a way that the reader can see the corrected version too.

Readers are welcome to point out any erroneous report if they see on.

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