DUTA Seeks Justice For Teachers – Calls For A 5 Days Strike

DUTA Calls For Delhi University Strike
DUTA Calls For Delhi University Strike

The Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) called for a 5 Days strike against the University administration and the recent Central Government. According to them, the move to wind up the Autonomous institutions is “dangerous” and is a “Policy assault” on the higher education in India.

According to DUTA the government policies are going to not only increase the cost of education in Central Universities like DU, JNU and BHU, but would also eventually lead to increase in the drop-out rates because of the higher fees. Till now Central Universities have guaranteed quality education at a very minimal fee where most of the expenses were covered by the government funds; but after these reforms are implemented this wouldn’t be the case.

The 70:30 Funding formula and the debate around it

The 70:30 funding formula which is in question and has become the centre of all the debates regarding the Autonomy of institutions. This funding formula would expect the Universities to raise 30% of the revenue by itself. This would affect the Payment and disbursement of the salaries to the teachers and other people working there. Moreover, this would force the university to raise the funds through student fees. As a result the education would eventually become inaccessible for a large number of students.

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The other demands by DUTA

Other demands by the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) include not only scraping
the 70:30 funding formula but to provide the Public universities with 100% funding and simultaneous implementation of 7th Pay Revision Scales in all states and central universities. The DUTA has also demanded the government to withdraw the proposal of replacing the grants by loan.

DUTA on strike
DUTA on strike

DUTA has also demanded to withdraw the recent circular notifying fresh reservation rosters for SC/ST category.

DUTA in one of the statements clearly said that “The 5th March 2018 letter of the UGC marks a significant U-turn in the reservation policy of the government as it directs universities to prepare rosters Department/Subject-wise. As a result, there will not be adequate representation in teaching positions for SC/ST/OBC categories as per the Constitutional requirement of 15%, 7.5% and 27% respectively” .

The Association is also asking for permanent appointments of the Ad-hoc teachers all over the University and make count the total  past service in temporary and Ad-hoc capacity and withdrawal of March 5 Notification by the UGC.

The issue of Ad-hoc teachers is not new in Delhi university. The demand of regularization of ad-hoc teachers is an old one but the DU administration has yet not been able to come up with something substantially significant.

According to a data, 40% teachers in DU are ad-hoc which means , 40% of them are working without any job security, maternity leave, medical leave and only with one sanctioned leave per month .

Students in support of their teachers .

The Student have shown a solidarity with the on-going fight by their teachers. Many students came out in support of the teachers and spread the word through social media and other sources.

Edited by: Himesh Saraf