Exam Writer: Creating disabled kids

Exam Writer: Creating disabled kids
Exam Writer: Creating disabled kids

The trend of seeking for exam writers for exams is growing day-by-day. According the the rule, a student must be able to prove that he/she has some sort of disability that prevents them to write in order to avail an adult exam writer. However, there are a lot of students who avail this facility while they don’t really need it.

Eligibility Criteria for getting an Exam Writer

We always set the rules but seldom follow. Just like in this case, a candidate can avail the facility of getting an exam writer when they can get a certificate from they medical practitioner that they are incapable to write due to some medical condition. It is either the psychiatrist or a psychologist who issues a certificate. Once they have the certificate of disability, they can avail an exam writer.

Candidates are eligible for disability if they have a physical handicap; like hearing or visual impairment, a psychological condition or a medical condition where they get regular blood transfusion etc. Somehow, this is not the scenario when it comes to the real time implementation. There are many children who have no disability but still avail this facility.

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Slow Writing Speed And Bad Handwriting?

In the recent past one can witness that some students get an exam writer even though they are not disabled. All students who lie in this category have one thing in common. First of all, they are all slow writers and secondly, they all have pretty bad handwriting. Just because they didn’t learn to write at the same pace as their peers, doesn’t qualify them as disabled.

There are some kids who are slow learners and some who learn quick. Just like a child who develops speech later than other kid does not get a speaker assistant, the practice in case of writing is entirely contradicting.

Writing is an acquired skill and can only be learned with practice. One can achieve a good handwriting by constantly writing. Once this is accomplished, the speed can also be attained gradually. Practice makes perfect!

Technology Offers Alternate Options

With the descent in technology, we have added many things that we call a basic necessity. A few decades ago these basic necessities didn’t exist; for some, they still don’t! There used to be a time when the school children didn’t have as many options. They had to write and that’s what they did. Back in the days the teachers didn’t ignore a bad handwriting and always compelled and motivated a child to write neatly.

The kids today have many options. When I asked a student (name withheld) what would they do when they go to college and they don’t get a writer? He said, “Sir, I don’t have to worry about that because I will have the option to use a laptop to answer.” This is in fact something to ponder upon!

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Do We Need To Write?

Have we, as human beings, evolved and progressed to a level that writing could become obsolete? Are we on the progress to a new world where we will use a pen as an artefact? An ink pot has already lost its significance a great deal with the increased use of gel pens. No one wants the hassle of using a fountain pen. Unlike in olden times when people were in a habit of re-filling the tanks of their fountain pens, they continued it for a few years with the ball pens too. Once the refill would finish, they would get a new one from the stationary shop. We evolved through that stage too.

If the paper is really going to be a history, where does the writing exercise for the kids stand?

What If The Paper Lives?

If the paper doesn’t perish and we don’t evolve out of the use of our hands to hold a pen and scribble on a piece of paper, we are creating an army of disabled youngsters. Once we create an option for them where they wouldn’t have to write, they will never want to write. If a person has a form of disability which interferes with their ability to write, they must be given a writer.

Proper medical checks should be put in place to ensure that the education institutions or the parents are not misusing this facility. The education board should take the onus and hold in-school camps to conduct a thorough and detailed checks.


First, we must determine the importance of writing. Once we establish the facts, we must prioritise them. If this world is indeed evolving towards a paperless system where we would never have to hold a pen in our hands, then we can start implementing that into our system. On the contrary, if we decide to keep the paper as a part of the evolved system, we need to do a better job at helping kids write.

If the number of kids who get a writer keeps increasing at this rate, especially when they can use gadgets, phones, computers with ease and also can play sport, work out and are mentally healthy, it doesn’t make sense! By allowing a writer for a child like that, we have successfully managed to create a disability in that child.