Fanny Pack: Fashion Trends Spring-Summer 2018

Fanny Pack
Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack, also known as belt bag or a bum bag, is making a comeback in the Spring-Summer 2018. The trends suggest that we will see many big designers showcasing the cross-body bags. We witnessed various designers showcase their new trends in 2017.

The Age Old Fanny Pack

Since the pre-historic times, archaeologists have found evidences of the use of fanny packs. Maybe they didn’t call them that back then, but the undying accessory keeps making rounds a couple times at least in every generation. Yet again, we see many brands and designers bringing the trend back in 2018.

The trend is seen among all big designer brands like Gucci, Calvin Kline, Prada, Channel, Louis Vuitton etc. Moreover, they are not the traditional leather or nylon fanny packs. Colourful and bright designs for men and women are storming the ramps.

This year around, the emphasis is on the hands-free summer bags. The time for long coats and deep pockets is over now and that’s what leads to the the perfect timing to introduce the never ending trend once again.