Fitness: The Key To A Happy Life

Fitness: The Key To A Happy Life
Fitness: The Key To A Happy Life

Life isn’t life in its true sense unless you can enjoy every moment of it. To enjoy life to the fullest, fitness is the key. When I talk to people about staying fit, they immediately think I’m calling them fat. We must not confuse thin with fit.

The Fitness Mantra

Fitness has become overrated these days with the commercial aspect attached to it. We must not forget that the essence of being fit is being able to fulfil any task undertaken besides being physically fit and healthy. If you are fat or big and can still climb a flight of stairs without panting heavily, I would say possibly you are fit. If not you better pull your socks up and get down to the business.

In my personal opinion fitness is the essence of a healthy life. I would not be able to do half the things I do today if I wasn’t fit. Be it writing, travelling or for that matter enjoying my favourite dishes and dancing all night long when I party.

Choose A Better Lifestyle

One does not necessarily have to join the gym in order to be fit. You can engage in any activity you like. Whether it is playing sport, cycling on the beach, dancing or even training at home; anything that makes you get out and expend some energy that makes you sweat. It is very easy for people now a days to spend hours in front of the television or Facebook on their phones. Before you know, you have turned into a couch potatoes. Yes couch potato!! Ouch! That hurts right?

Being fit is beyond going shopping and be able to choose that dress or clothing you always couldn’t wear just because you were unfit. I am a firm believer of the saying that only a ‘fit body can have a fit mind’ you will notice that being physical fit will affect the way you think as well, it gives you stamina to do more work than you normally would besides you start feeling good about yourself and who doesn’t want to feel good. For me fitness is not a part of my life, it is the way of living my life and its important  to make the time to do it. So it’s high time you get out of that couch or for that matter the chair that you are sitting on and get fit so that you can enjoy life and all its bounties in abundance. I wish you a fit and healthy life ahead!

Edited by: Himesh Saraf