Five Die At Jallikattu In Tamil Nadu

Five Die At Jallikattu In Tamil Nadu
Five Die At Jallikattu In Tamil Nadu

Five men lost their lives while watching the controversial sport, Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. Five men who were the spectators of the Bull-Taming sport died when the bull charged into the crowd.

The sport was banned in 2014 on the grounds of animal cruelty but the ban was lifted by the BJP government in 2017.

What is Jallikattu all about?

Jallikattu is a sport that has been played for over two centuries in the Southern part of India and usually played in the month of January. After the bull is released, the fighters are supposed to hold on to the bull for about 15-20 seconds or at least for three leaps. If no one is able to do so, the bull wins!

five die at jallikattu in tamil nadu
The dangers of Jallikattu – (Picture source:

Over the years hundreds of people have been gored by the bulls because of this event but it still remains one of the most popular events in the Southern part of India, especially Tamil Nadu.

Administration Lapse

As the death toll gets higher, controversy gets higher. It raises questions upon the security arrangements at the Jallikattu events. The organisers claim that the arrangements were up to the mark however the people ignored the regular instructions being relayed on the loud speakers.