Flu Outbreak in Hong Kong

Flu Outbreak In Hong Kong
Flu Outbreak In Hong Kong

Schools have declared to remain shut because of the flu outbreak in Hong Kong. More than 100 people have died in 2018 so because of this deadly virus. As reported by the South China Morning Post, out of 144 flu outbreaks, 63 were in kindergartens and 36 in primary schools.

What is different about this flu?

This winter season, Influenza B virus, that was dormant for a few years, suddenly came to surface. Since it was not active for a few years, people had not taken any precaution against it. As a result, it was able to cause damage of such high degree.

Most children who were not vaccinated for Influenza B virus were infected. The Hospital Authorities have deployed extra staff to tackle the situation. Due to the outbreak, there has been a shortage in the vaccines too. 15,700 vaccines were allocated to the Hospital Authorities to meet the demand.

Flu Outbreak In Hong Kong
Flu Outbreak In Hong Kong

The schools close early

Due to the flu outbreak, the Hong Kong Education department has declared early school holiday prior to the Lunar New Year Holidays. This has disrupted the busy schedules of some parents. Secretary of Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said that the move was planned to help break the chain and curb the spreading of the virus. The government announced on Wednesday that Thursday will be the beginning of the holiday season this year for Kindergarten, primary and special schools.

2 Children have lost their lives out of 12 infected severely.