Hima Das – India’s ‘Dhing Express’ Obtains Gold Medal

Hima Das - India's 'Dhing Express' Obtains Gold Medal
Hima Das - India's 'Dhing Express' Obtains Gold Medal

Kolkata: The sensational 18-year-old Hima Das created history on Thursday after winning a Gold at the IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championship. On the third day of the competition in Tampere, Finland, the teenager grabbed her spot and secured first place in the Women’s 400 meters Final Race. Hima Das is the first Indian to win a Gold Medal in an international track event.

Hima Das – From Assam To Tampere

The Golden Girl who used to drive tractor in the paddy fields of Nagaon District in Assam, became the first Indian track athlete to win a Gold Medal in the history of IAAF Under-20 competition. The golden girl affectionately known as the ‘Dhing Express’ in her village. Das wanted to be a footballer before pursuing athletics just 2 years ago. Hima has other five siblings, she is the youngest of them all. For the betterment of her training she moved from Dhing to Guwahati.

Earlier this year in April, Das finished in sixth place in the Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast in the 400 meters final race. The youngest child of Jomali and Ronjit Das promised in April during the commonwealth games, that next time she will win the Gold Medal for her country. Since then she improved her timings and now the result is in front of everyone. According to her neighbours, she is a very courageous girl and knows how to work when the odds are against her. Hima Das has been trained by two coaches, Nipon Das and Nabajit Malakar. She started her journey with 100 and 200 metres but has been running 400 metres for less than a year now. Hima Das made history on the track when she clocked 51.46 seconds to win the Gold Medal in IAAF.

An Inspiration For Other Athletes And Girls

In a country where female infanticide is still a brewing problem, the 18-year-old proved herself with her achievement. Many prominent personalities congratulated her for the performance in IAAF. It is also decided that Hima Das will receive government funding till Tokyo Olympics 2020. Previously, it was heard that she will receive fund from government only until the upcoming 2018 Asian Games.

The new poster girl of Indian athletics to receive 10 Lakhs from Karnataka’s Deputy CM, Dr. G. Parameshwara for winning Gold as per his tweet. From a girl who played football and cricket with boys in her neighbourhood to India’s Golden girl in just the mere age of 18. Each race take her to a new journey of her life. Truly an Inspiration!

Edited by: Himesh Saraf