How DNC chose Trump Over Bernie Sanders

How The DNC chose Trump Over Bernie Sanders to be the president of the United States
Bernie Sanders

2016 was the year when everybody’s hopes were on Bernie Sanders, not only in the US but also globally, to become the 45th President of the United States. But that didn’t happen and none other than DNC is responsible for practically choosing Trump over Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

DNC Blunder – Not Choosing Bernie Sanders

Much before the elections, when the campaigning had just started, I had predicted in one of my Facebook posts that if the Democratic National Convention (DNC) wants to have the next Democrat president, they need to select Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, otherwise the next President of the United States of America is going to be Donald Trump. If a novice like me could predict that outcome, I am sure the political pundits were well aware of the fact that Hillary will not win if the DNC betrayed its supporters and that’s exactly what happened. Even though Bernie Sanders did endorse Hillary after the delegates nominated her, his supporters were heartbroken and many chose not to vote.

It was pretty evident how Bernie Sanders was gaining popularity and every primary he pulled in more percentage of votes. Somehow the delegate pledges were more towards Hillary Clinton. If the super delegates wanted, they could still have sided with Bernie and elected him to be the nominee but that didn’t happen. This system of nomination has lot of loopholes. It takes the power from the hands of people and keeps it in the hands of a few to manipulate. DNC must learn a lesson from this and opt for fair nominations and respect people’s choice.

Why Bernie Sanders Wasn’t The First Choice?

The United States of America and many parts of progressive democracies where the politicians thrive on the capitalist economy, obviously a socialist is not their first choice. But the common man? Well, I have heard many narratives from many republicans how they believe the socialists will destroy America. When asked how, they don’t really have any concrete answer. They sometimes refer to socialism as the beginning of communism. What they don’t realise is that this world needs a socialist form of government where it works for people rather than the corporates and industrialists. People are suffering. Middle class is disappearing. It is about time that there is a regime change in the developed countries along with the countries which are semi developed to adapt the socialist and labour form of the governance where the people are beneficiaries of the fruits and not just the corporates.

If Bernie Sanders had become the 45th President of the United States, he would have done exactly the same. The entire lobby system, which the US congress runs on would have come crumbling down. Big corporations wouldn’t have been able to dictate the congress on how to form policies for their own benefit. For the first time in decades most of the US Americans would have been able to get a decent life and education which would add further value to their lives. Bernie’s plan talked about education to the youth without having to pay exorbitant amount once they finish college for the rest of their lives. He talked about free healthcare. Rather he is the first US politician to talk so vividly against the pharmaceutical companies exploiting the common man.

Another narrative that I heard from many republicans was the gun control. Bernie Sanders was in favour of reforming of the US Gun Laws which the republicans strongly condemned. Looking at the deaths and mass shootings every year, this could have been a great step towards ending the gun violence. Not many politicians oppose the NRA as strongly as they should. But indeed, why would they when they receive dollars in the form of donation from them. Doesn’t this amount to bribery in a way?

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What DNC Needs To Consider

Most honest and dedicated leaders have been assassinated in the past as they didn’t bend to the avarice and hunger for power. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luthar King Jr., Abraham Lincoln are a few names that make my heart fill with admiration and respect. Bernie Sanders is one such name too. I don’t think there is anybody more deserving than Bernie Sanders to hold the US President’s chair. A person, who for the right of the underprivileged and non-privileged, has fought for many decades, shoulder to shoulder with many great leaders, deserves to lead the world’s most developed country. Dedicated to the people; works for the people; touches the hearts of millions in this world. Who could be a better person to lead the democratic country?

Bernie Sanders has actively worked to revoke the glass ceiling and for women’s rights. He has been actively involved in the fight for Black rights. A politician who constantly keeps fighting for the equality in the society, Democratic National Convention needs to be smart and choose the right candidate in the next elections wisely.

Bernie Sanders 2020 – President Of The United States

The DNC must learn from the past lessons. The rise of right wing globally is affecting the entire world, not just USA. Being the world leader, the United States sets world expectations. When people like Donald Trump behave in the most reckless and irresponsible manner, the world expects that to be the normal behaviour. It is not just American Republicans that start acting like complete morons, the fire spreads world wide. We hear incidents from around the world where hate crimes are increasing and since Trump Presidency, they have become manifold.

DNC must look at the bigger picture and give the reins of the US in the hands of Bernie Sanders in 2020 elections and let him reform the broken beyond comprehension the US social structure. When Bernie Sanders becomes the President of the United States, a lot of things will change for the betterment of the US Americans. The people living in the US need to feel secure. They need to feel accomplished after their hard word starts to show results. I, being a non-American endorse Bernie Sanders and have respect for his views and ideologies. Bernie Sanders 2020 is a dream that I wish to see fulfilled.