I Am Hindutva – I Am Above The Law

I Am Hindutva - I Am Above The Law
Saffron Terror at the display

My name is Hindutva. I am pretty popular in India, specially the upper half. There are a lot of people who pretend to follow me. Just by following me will give you an above the law status. I will also give you the power to intimidate Muslims, Dalits and other minorities.

Power In The Name Of Hindutva

There are a few steps you need to follow in order to become true disciples of Hindutva. First of all, you need to create gangs of uneducated and unemployed youth. The selection criteria must be aggression and willing to take law in your own hands. Since I provide you the immunity, you have nothing to worry about.

Secondly, you have to put a nice exhibit of power while flashing my symbols. That will help you get away with any law you break during this act. By now you must feel a sense of power and I know, you love it! You would love to throw your weight around and bully people weaker than yourself. It will make your low life feel important. Now the power that I bestowed upon you and gave you an illusion of self worth, it is time for you to intimidate Muslim, Dalits and other minorities. Even if it means to kill people in my name, it must be done. Just remember to dip yourself in the saffron colour. Carry a saffron flag, or perhaps tie a saffron bandanna and create fear by displaying your ruthless power to the common citizens of India.

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India is a free country but then living in a free country doesn’t mean the law is applicable freely and differently as per our wish to people based on religion or caste and so on.

Angry Hanuman Sticker

The Angry Hanuman Sticker is really a great piece of art and even though I am a non religious person, I find it pretty cool. What I don’t find cool is that the entire rear windscreen covered with dark tint with sticker covering half of the glass making it impossible to use the rear view mirror located inside. But no cop will dare to stop them and take of the sticker even though it clearly violates the traffic law. This immunity that Hindutva gives to the people is of a great concern.

Hindutva Gives You Right to Bear Arms

Road shows and rallies are an organised meet and need an approval by the local authorities and once they get it, they have to follow certain guidelines. Rallies and progressions are not new to India, we have them often, mostly around the religions occasions. I have witnessed thousands of rallies, many since 2014 and by no means do they follow law. Rather, it has gone from bad to worse since the rise of Hindutva. Hindutva gave power to people to walk around with open swords to display in the broad daylight.

According to the Arms Act 1959, carrying a blade longer than 9″ in length is illegal so that makes every sword taken out during the rally illegal too. Secondly, they do not follow the guidelines of a peaceful rally, they act like a mob to display their strength and aggression. Hanging out of the car windows and sitting on top of the hood while on the road ..shouting slogans while waving swords. With pomp and show, there is always a Tata 407 with speakers twice my height playing full blast following them.

Hindutva provides immunity to the criminals! By definition, a person who breaks the law is a criminal. Looking at the laws that people break during such rallies is funny. What is more funny that you find the cops cheering on them. The strength of power by the Hindutva brigade somehow impresses us Indians. Earns our admiration!

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