India And Pakistan: Ceasefire Violations

India And Pakistan: Ceasefire Violations
India And Pakistan: Ceasefire Violations

NEW DELHI/ ISLAMABAD – India and Pakistan has summoned each other’s envoys over the ceasefire violation in the region of Kashmir where unfortunately some civilian lives were lost.

Where ceasefire violation have become a common incident and both parties blaming each other profusely, it doesn’t seem to take a terminating approach.

Indian Version

Indian Foreign Ministry condemned the loss of three civilian lives during the cross-border firing by Pakistani soldiers and expressed a “strong protest” in his concerns to Pakistan’s Deputy High Commissioner Syed Haider Shah. It also stated that Pakistan had breached the 2003 truce over 100 times in January.

“It was conveyed to the concerned authorities in Pakistan that deliberate targeting of innocent civilians was against all established humanitarian norms and practices,”

Pakistan’s Version

Pakistan Foreign Ministry stated that India had committed more than 125 ceasefire violations which resulted in 4 civilian deaths. Earlier this week Pakistan had conveyed its concerned to the Deputy High Commissioner of India in Islamabad and about the deaths of its 4 soldiers due to the shelling by Indian Armed Forces in the Kashmir Region.

Kashmir has stayed a disputed territory since the independence of both the countries. Since a part of Kashmir is occupied by both countries, India and Pakistan wish to take the rest of Kashmir as a part of their own country too. This has been a never ending saga.

In 2003 both the countries agreed upon a truce but the recent events of cross-border firing have violated the 2003 truce. Since both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers, it is a matter of grave concern to the entire world that peace should be attained between two neighbours.