Kim Yo Jong In South Korea

Kim Yo Jong
Kim Yo Jong

Nothing could have been more surprising in this winter Olympic 2018 , than to see someone from the Kim family putting their step in Pyeongchang, a city in South Korea where the winter Olympics are scheduled.

Kim Yo Jong’s visit to South Korea

The political leader Kim Yo Jong is first sister of the infamous leader of North Korea. Kim Jong Un is known for his views on USA and it’s ally South Korea. Kim Yo jong is part of the High level delegation which flew from Pyongyang to Pyeongchang this week. She became the first from the Kim family to have this opportunity in 60 years after the end of Korean war in 1953. She is visiting South Korea with other senior leaders like Kim Yong Nam.

Kim Yo Jong visits South Korea
Kim Yo Jong visits South Korea

The South Korean leaders were waiting for the arrival of their North Korean contemporaries including the Unification minister Cho Myoung goung. The international media was speculating, the South Korean President, however, Mr. Moon Jae-in was not present to receive the delegation from North Korea. Kim Yo Jong and Moon Jae-in  met over lunch and the world is anxious to know what happens at the meeting. The world leaders are also wondering if the North Korean leader has sent a personal message through his sister .

The media had their eyes on the North Korean leader as she walked from the airport towards her car. It was evident that she was happy with the treatment of the South Korean Government. She smiled at the cameras when media persons asked for a photograph. She clearly became the talk of the town this week .

A hope for peace

Winter Olympics has come out as an example for the Korean peace. The teams of both the countries walked under the same flag of a united Korea. South Korean media, unlike the international media is not really sure what to derive from these events. In recent past there have been recent statements and missile tests done on the north side of the border. Kim Jong Un has made frequent threatening statements towards its southern neighbour with the use of nuclear bombs.

South Korean leader has tried his best to make the games as an opportunity to resume the talks in a meaningful directions and take a step towards world peace.

Edited by: Himesh Saraf