Love Triangle: India, Israel And The US

India, Israel And The US
India, Israel And The US

Looking at the tango played by the three — India, Israel and the US, there is a big question we must ask ourselves. Has the internal regime change effected the change in diplomatic relationships too? Maybe it’s about time we asked ourselves this big question due to the ongoing “Love Triangle” between India, Israel and the US.


Since the Modi Government has taken over the reins of this country in its hands, it could be observed that there has been a constant increase in the India’s inclination towards the US and Israel. A few decades ago, it was an evident fact that India had strong diplomatic relationship with Russia, who was also our greatest ally and supporter. Mother India and Mother Russia is what we used to call our countries and shared a very strong bond. It seems to have disappeared in thin air now. It seems that our government is going through a change of heart and that too at a very fast pace.

What changed with India, Israel and the US?

Looking at the entire picture from a bird’s eye view I could comprehend  that there are a few common factors that are governed by very strong emotions. The leaders of these three nations have these compelling similarities in their character.

  1. Conservative Political Approach: As we have seen in the past few years that there has been a steep rise in the right wing populism around the world, India, Israel and the US are not unaffected by this either. In addition, it could just be a bizarre coincidence that there is a conservative government in all these three countries at the same time.
  2. Lust For Power: Singularity in the government by creating polarisation of the common people, citizens of their respective countries creates a concentration of power in one body. Anyone who dares to stand up and speak against it is constantly treated like a nail that sticks out.
  3. Hatred Towards Muslims: Trump ban of Muslims entering the US or Open Air Prison in Gaza and illegal occupation of the West Bank or the RSS background of Modi, they all root from the same ideology of hatred towards one sect, Islam! It is pretty evident in their approach when they address the issues pertaining to the followers of Islam.
  4. Non-transparent Style Of Governance: Somehow, after getting elected these leaders seem to have forgotten that they owe to the people of their country an explanation of the questions asked. They carry that ‘I am the boss’ kind of attitude and no one knows what goes inside their minds or what leads to the actions they take. Many a times we would observe that the meetings are held behind the closed doors and the media is just given the peek-a-boo in the end. Closing their doors to the media and creating opacity in their actions is their way.
  5. Striving Constantly To Control The Media: Controlling the media is a big step towards the fascist regime. One of the doctrines of fascism is to control the mass media to an extend that no voices rise against you and no one dares to question you. That alone goes against the values of democracy.
  6. Mixing Facts With Lies: Come elections and we see a whole lot of lies sprawled over the common public like snowflakes in the cold winter morning up north. So much so that they know that there will be no accountability of their lies and no one will be held responsible.  They know that their next lie will be bigger than their previous one and no one will talk about it any more. It will be already forgotten. There is no one to keeping records.
  7. Torch Bearers of religion: Custodians of religion they have become. It is often portrayed by them that they hold religious values at a very high standard and everyone else’s standards are much lower than them. They take an image of a prophet, messiah or attain a demi-god status. Sometimes, they as much as become a reincarnation of God and have temples of worship built just in their names. They are also known to get immense support from the evangelists who strongly endorse them. Supremacist groups are another ones to be spotted standing by their side.
  8. High On Nationalism and Patriotism: We all take pride in our own country. However, sometimes you come across a situation caused by certain people who make your love and honour for your country seem much small by putting it on a scale of comparison. It is just like two siblings quarrelling over who loves their mother more. But it is not that innocent. Lives have been lost and families have been uprooted and left in dismay. Due to the minds filled with bigotry we have seen the law of apartheid coming into existence that we believed we had left behind decades ago.

What needs to be done?

In the wake of the Neo Nazism, it becomes the responsibility of every educated and wise person to help their counterparts with reason and logic, no matter how hard it seems, to educate them back to the path that doesn’t dwell on hatred and chaos. It is upon every individual of this social structure to stand up and voice their opinion. It might seem to go in thin air and no one ever getting effected by it but we must still go on.

A thought that we unleash is like a seed. Spreading your thoughts is like walking on a vast piece of land with a bag of seeds, spreading them everywhere you go. One day, before you know, you will turn back and be astounded to see a jungle of your thoughts already mile high.

My motto: Preach! And practice what you preach!