Lunar Flower Market – Hong Kong

Lunar Flower Market - Hong Kong
Lunar Flower Market - Hong Kong

The Hong Kong the Lunar Flower Market normally starts a few days before the Chinese New Year (CNY) and lasts till the start of the CNY. It is a very special market because it happens during this festival. It is also called the Lunar Flower Fair.

What Makes The Lunar Flower Market So Special?

In the Flower Market: Me with Honey on stick
In the Flower Market: Me with Honey on stick

If you live in Hong Kong, you will never want to miss the Fair at the Flower Market just before the New Year. It is unique in its own way. It doesn’t only sell flowers. There are traditional food stalls, different kind of street food, frozen strawberry and honey on a stick and the list goes on! Balloons, toys, stuff toys and many more items are at display.

The Flower Markets have become very popular in the recent years. Sellers from all over Hong Kong come there to start a booth during this time. They use a megaphone to shout things at the people so they would want to come to their booth. Some play smart and just record what they say and play it in a loop. These fairs are usually held at the sports grounds that can accommodate a large crowd. It has also become a recent tourist attraction and many people from around the globe visit Hong Kong just to witness the spectacular beauty of the flower market.

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If You Plan To Visit

During the Lunar Flower Feast the Flower Markets are fairly crowded. The footfall is more on the first couple of days and the last day. During the day it gets hot so one must carry a water bottle with them because you need to replenish the water you have lost. It is also important to wear light clothes and comfortable shoes . If you plan to stay around till the evening hours, you must carry some warm clothing as well. Most importantly, remember to bring the money with you. Once your there, you  will really want to buy things.

Lunar New Year Flower Market - Hong Kong
Lunar New Year Flower Market – Hong Kong

This year, in 2018, Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary Carrie Lam had sent some recycle workers to the Flower Market to ensure the cleanliness. These workers stood in the bright sun all day with the sign that said, “Please Recycle Things”. To encourage them, the government brought  some chocolate for them.

Important Shopping Tip: Bargaining

When you buy things, remember to talk the price down. A native is used to this trend, however, if you are visiting, you can really save some bucks. For example, if the shopkeeper quoted $80 for something you wish to buy, try to bargain and you might get it for $70 or $60 if you’re lucky. WOW!!!you can save ten to twenty dollars from doing that. By the end of the day you’d be rich!

Edited by: Himesh Saraf