Majumdar’s Son Suffering From Psychological Disorders

Bina Majumdar's son, Subhabrata Majumdar Suffering From Psychological Disorders treated at being Povlov Hospital
Bina Majumdar's son, Subhabrata Majumdar Suffering From Psychological Disorders treated at being Povlov Hospital

Kolkata: Gopal Chandra Majumdar cremated his wife three years after she died. The Police took Subhabrata Majumdar, Majumdar’s son to Calcutta Pavlov Hospital for a mental check up to evaluate what psychological disorders which compelled him to act this way.

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Majumdar’s Son Claims To Know How To Revive The Dead Mother

The firmly of the deceased believes that Subhabrata Majumdar knows how to revive the dead. They believed that he was going to try to revive his dead mother. He claimed in front of the doctors of the Pavlov Hospital, that he was researching for a long time on this subject. According to Dr. Srijit Ghosh, head of Psychiatry at Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital, Majumdar’s son is suffering from a number psychotic disorders which includes grandiose delusion and delusion of persecution. The professor of psychiatry along with his seven members of medical board is treating him.

Grandiose Delusion is a psychological disorder in which the patient has misconception of having extreme power and knowledge about a certain thing. And Delusion of Persecution is a psychological disorder where the patient tends to believe that people are constantly conspiring to hurt him or her.

Evaluation Of Subhabrata Majumdar At Pavlov Hospital

After the police brought Subhabrata to Pavlov Hospital, the medical board examine and observed him. A team of psychiatrists performed a number of psychometric tests on him. The doctors said that, he is quite cooperating, calm and composed. As per their observation, he doesn’t like to mingle with other patients. He claims that he has a lot of research work pending and wishes to leave the hospital. He refused to wear a hospital gown and demanded a commode for the toilet. As per Dr. Ghosh, they will conduct MRI Tests and CT scan on Subhabrata Majumdar in a two or three days. BPRS aka Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale was performed on the patient by the doctors at Institute Of Psychiatry. He score 64, which confirms the impression that he is suffering from psychological disorders.

Edited by: Himesh Saraf