MyYearbook: The Abandoned Community Of Battlers


MyYearbook or popularly known as MYB (now a website primarily started for dating but also had something that got everyone hooked. Online Battles gained the site its popularity. Unfortunately in November 2011, it merged with Quepasa Corporation and that was as an unexpected end to the Battles.


A brother and sister duo Catherine and Dave Cook started MyYearbook in 2005 with the help of their big brother Geoff. They were still in school and the website gained its popularity within the campus but then soon spread like a wildfire across the world. Statistically speaking, it got more than 1 billion views on the mobile and 1.2 billion on web every month. Pretty soon, it also became the largest online enterprise in the US.

With its gaining popularity, most people eventually migrated to from other social media websites. Some of the other interesting things along with battles was you had lunch money that you could earn if you played games or won a battle or if people bought your pictures. You could then use this lunch money to do other things, including donate to your favourite causes.

Battles on MyYearbook



First of all, we need to understand that the battles were not just battles, there was a whole chunk of rock solid ice beneath the surface of the deep blue sea of battles. MyYearbook had an option to create groups where people created their battle groups, appointed battle officers and administrators. Every group had members who would go to the group page every day and vote on the battles and finally post their own. Battle officers would, what they called, ‘Pimp’ the battles to get more votes. They would create many accounts to add random people and send vote requests to them. Most had multiple accounts to get more votes for their battles and so on.

Pimping battles and returning favours was a full time involvement. Battles became a bonding reason for people and many battlers could not cope up with ending the battles. Even though it has been many years since the battles were ended, most battlers still  managed to stay in touch and hope some day someone would create another website like where they could get to battle once again.

From The Horse’s Mouth

Anthony Daniels I miss the battles,running scripts and just hanging with friends ?

Ashley Melton I miss the battles, being around great people and all the laughs

Joni Strachan I miss all the fun. Stealing music from lockers. Watching people try talking shit about how they will win a battle then losing miserably. All the awesome people who would distract you from the shittiness in ur real life. And the laughs.

Rosa Bergeron I miss how close I was with my Dk members. We all had a bond. Sadly, a few have died and my heart broke but, I would never trade that bond.

Gina Maulina I miss the battles, cool ppl, great friends, the laughing, my haters lol…I miss all of fun in it. Even how cool my profile page looks liked. All of them are gone now ? some of my old pictures too. But my morph still there,lol

Li Ferreira I don’t think I have missed much about MYB? After all I thought I found the one? But I loved it made me found a few close friends ?

Becca Gonzales I miss battles and shit talking and making fake accounts of porn stars and finding husbands… ?? i really found people who made me laugh when i was upset, had my back when i needed them and have done so in real life now too.

Dena Miller Phillips I miss all of the chats that helped me get away from it all. Also the bond of jumping into a battle to back up people that weren’t even in my groups. Having people that were a phone call away when I needed it.

Debbie Ann Soyars I like myYearbook because it took me away from reality and the battles I used to vote on and I wasn’t in anybody’s group I just had friends that I would vote for

E.s. Turner I notice more warmth than before, if that’s possible! Each one of us here now have lived Life for 10 years since then….a Decade!! I still keep in touch with people from the Original one. It was fun, camaraderie, & knowing when you were down or had a problem, there was always some there to care & talk to….24/7.

Looking For Another Beginning

Though some might consider it a waste of time, the battlers from MyYearbook miss every single bit of it. I have spoken to many battlers, voters and battle group owners, they all feel the same way about it. They hope one day someone would create another website that will have battles and they would showcase their pimpin’ skills [sic] once again.