Patriotism and Religion – A Deadly Combination?

Patriotism and Religion
Patriotism and Religion

Patriotism and Religion are mere tools in the hands of the powerful to manipulate the masses. They have used it for generations to control the gullible common man who falls for it every time. Like Lord John Acton rightly said, “Patriotism is in political life what faith is in Religion”.

Quotes: Patriotism and Religion

Before we proceed, I would like to share some quotes on Patriotism and Religion below by some renowned and remarkable minds of the Lost Generation:

“Patriotism is a kind of religion; it is the egg from which the wars are hatched” – Guy de Maupassant

“Religion, Morality and Patriotism are the feelings that are manifested only when they are outraged” – Karl Kraus

“Patriotism is a superstition, one far more injurious, brutal and inhumane than religion” – Gustave Herve

Are you better than yourself?

We sure have seen a sudden rise in the nationalist movement throughout the world. Well the reason is very simple. Let us enlighten ourselves by that facts which we probably know but don’t find them important enough to remember.

It is difficult to find a political party that doesn’t have its presence on the social media. Every political party now has an IT Cell, which is an organised set-up just to stretch their reach to the people via social media. Social media is unique in its own way. It can produce content to read for those who love to read whereas those who can’t read or don’t like to, you can deliver your message in the form of a video. But that’s not it! You can target your audience at the same time. You can choose who gets to see your posts and who doesn’t. This way you can personalise every message you send out.

Now, the IT Cells of these political parties always work on an agenda. Some work on the brand management of a certain politician while others work on tarnishing the image of the opponent. Some work on spreading awareness of correct or incorrect facts and this is where it starts to take a wrong turn into the darkness what the gullible civilian wasn’t prepared for. There imminent love and trust for that particular candidate makes them blind to see the real truth and rather compels them to believe in their absurdly incorrect truth.

Through social media, the political parties have tried to install a sense of fear that ‘SOMEONE ETHNIC’ is imposing a threat to the freedom of the indigenous population. It could be the freedom to do things they have been doing all their lives or freedom to express their own views or to follow their religion. Very smartly, they tap in on the latent fears of individuals mixed with subtle messages that no one even realises.

Creating a Social Divide

It is now pretty evident that the society has become more polarised due to such unethical and immoral acts. The people are made to feel a false sense of pride and are constantly made to compare themselves with what they should rather be, a self portrait designed on other’s expectations, and in this case, a manipulative politician. The only purpose this solves is that it makes a person doubt their own self in many ways. You might start to feel that you’re not doing it right or maybe you’re not loyal enough. Soon,  you will take a first step to follow and that will be your first step to losing your freedom.

A Blend Of Patriotism And Religion

You will find yourself in a society with a great divide. One would be self righteous, loud and aggressive while other will be shocked and mostly silent. The former would claim to be ideal that everyone should follow in regards to Patriotism and Religion. The one in the first category, would have a sense of pride and would feel that they have achieved something remarkably astonishing. They will feel that they’re at the top of the world and free to criticise the latter. However, if you are the latter, you will often try not to voice your opinion and as a result … get oppressed.

You could often find yourself in a bind where the standards have been set for you for your morality where you are often questioned on your loyalty towards your country. This behaviour will not be same for all though. This will differ hypocritically from individual to individual based on their faith and the God they worship. You could be asked to prove your patriotism if you belong to a certain section of the society whereas no questions would be asked to the rest.  You could become political victims of an agenda merely on the basis of the kind of head covering you wear. You could be treated as a lesser human being with very little dignity just by symbol you wear around your neck. You could humiliated for where you place your forehead while worshipping. You could be ridiculed if you choose to accept the mental state of atheism and blamed for not contributing to your community. If you are not the self righteous, loud, hypocritical and follower of the right winged ideology, you will always be looked down upon!

Your Service To Your Nation And Your World

We ought to take a pledge that we must not sit quiet and do nothing when someone tries to kill the harmony and tranquillity of the world we live in. We might think that we are too small or what difference could we possibly make. We must never forget, no matter how small the contribution is, it is still as important as the biggest because if that small pebble of our effort wasn’t there, it would leave a void for the negative air to fill in. We mustn’t let that happen!