Phone Distance Love Affair – New Relationship Trend

Phone Distance Love Affair - New Relationship Trend
Phone Distance Love Affair - New Relationship Trend

Phone Distance Love Affair, or as most might call it a Long Distance Relationship. However, these days distance has become insignificant as people far away seem much closer than people around you.

Phone Distance Love Affair?

A relationship that started when two people found each other over some social media platform and developed with time through only one medium of communication: The phone. Distant relationships are a common things these days. Benefits of living in a hi-tech world now-a-days, you can find everything you need in life through internet or phone. Name it – click it – Bingo! You’ll get what you are looking for at your doorsteps.

Long distance relationship is an old terminology now. We have evolved over decades since the world started to become smaller. Now that we have everything in the palm of our hands, love is no different. A phone distance love affair is a much evolved version of a long distance relationship.

Are You A Victim?

These days almost everybody is hooked on to their cellphones. It is easy to make friends these days. Even though an introvert can open up easily as they can hide behind their phone screen till they overcome their shyness. As easy as it is to make friends, it is so with falling in love too. Rather it is easier to fall in love through this way since it quickly fulfils ones check list of a perfect lover. There are many apps and dating sites which match your criteria and short list the matches for us.

Would it be fair to say that this phone distance love affair is really a trap and we are the victims of it? Or is there something more meaningful in it all?

Real Deal Or A Make Belief?

Phone distance love affair is a new terminology where two people are in a relationship over the phone. They wake up in the morning and greet each other, get on the video calls and send kisses and smiles and hugs from a distance. They keep longing to touch and hope some day that might happen too. Some might try to judge them and say that these feelings they have for each other are not real or maybe go to an extent of saying that love doesn’t exist in this form; however, that is not the case if we ask those who are into such distant relationship.

They not only connect through the phone with each other, they also have everything else which you can find in any other relationship. They also develop deep feelings for each other as the time goes by. And just like any other couple, they talk, they laugh, they argue, they fight, they imagine to cuddle, they blow kisses at each other and even get intimate and spend moments of lovemaking. That’s not all! Many of them plan for the future and try to make changes in their lives in order to be with each other. But like other love stories, some love stories don’t get to that point. Sometimes they break up and as a result face heart breaks which is equally painful for them.

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And the times, they are a changin’ – Bob Dylan

Distant Relationship – A New Way To Love

As a human, we have a tendency to opt for the easy way out. Even though we know that the distance love is not an easy task, we still opt for it. The distance in fact becomes the cause of many misunderstandings as most of the time the expression is misinterpreted. Though there are many who don’t find a compatible match for themselves in person, they find the right one over the internet. The chances are they won’t let go so easily and face the difficulties head on. At the same time, we can not negate the fact that there are many who are not honest in their approach and are just looking for some cheap thrill. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if the person you met is real or a fake one.

Influencing Factors

There are many factors that influence any relationship, same is the case with this particular phone distance love affair too! There will always be temptations, but there will be the driving forces like trust,  loyalty, true love, time and effort that keep things from dying out. The distance being one of the major influencers of this relationship, which definitely doesn’t play a positive role. With perseverance and dedication couples can overcome this too. They must!

Other influencing factors are the special occasions like birthdays, monthsary, anniversary and so on. The lack of physical aspect of the relationship makes things pretty stressful sometimes. Unlike many couples they can’t go on dates or films or hold hands or take a walk in the park but if they keep working towards their goal, the bond they have keeps growing strong.

Communication is another most important aspect. With distance and not physically present, it becomes even more important. Hence, those who can survive the incubation period, till they are finally together, there is no looking back after that. As simple as it may sound, it is a hard to have. One might have to go through many trials and errors before they can really say, “Yes! This is it! This is my future love!”

Edited by: Himesh Saraf