Self Defence – Learn To Be Your Own Hero

Self Defence - Learn To Be Your Own Hero
Self Defence - Learn To Be Your Own Hero

The world we live in today is not at all a safe place. Especially for women and children self defence has become a must in their day-to-day lives. Women, often regarded as the weaker sex and are considered easier targets. Self defence also ensure women to find their inner confidence and take care of their own safety.

Present Condition Of Women In India

Women are arising in every sphere and in every fields be it Navy, in space, or in the field of entrepreneurship. They are conquering the world with their grace and hard work. But with all the positive we see, there are some challenges today’s woman faces. Crimes against women are on the rise. Rape, kidnapping, eve teasing, acid attack and so on. In a country like India, violence against women is not a new thing. Funny thing is that, in this country women are often taught how to not get raped or worse killed. Whatever crime happens against women it considered to be her fault.

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What Is Self Defence?

People often get confused about this topic. It means defending oneself from harm for one’s well being. A woman especially must stay aware of our surrounding; A person with the intention of killing is never going to introduce themselves first and then try to kill you. They attack without warning. Women of today feel the dire need for self defence. Institutions like DARE, Smile Foundation, Pink Chaddi Foundation, Blank Noise work towards the awareness of women’s self defence movement. These organizations often hold workshops in schools and colleges. They also uses demonstration to decrease street violence against everyone regardless of their gender. Self defence techniques are also available on various websites, consisting of proper training and tutorials. Self defence for women is important and if not essential since it teaches you how to protect yourself.

Importance Of Self Defence

Self defence is not only about safety but also about ensuring confidence and being independent. In today’s world, we can’t expect a knight in his shining armour would come galloping on his horse and save us. We have to be our own hero rather than finding a hero for us. And let’s face it, if we like to be financially or mentally independent, why would we want to depend on someone else for our safety? There is no reason why we shouldn’t learn how to defend ourselves! You must be your own hero!

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 Some Self Defence Tips For Safety

  1. Pretend to be submissive then attack when your attacker is lenient.
  2. Beware of your surroundings, and keep your ears and eyes open.
  3. Stay fit enough to run fast.
  4. When attacked always go for the knees, groin, eyes or chin of your attacker.

Some forms of martial arts are Taekwondo, Aikido, Krav Maga, Kenpo, Jiu Jitsu, etc. So, stand up for yourself and be your own Hero.