Social Media Addiction – Slavery Of A New Kind

Addiction Of Social Media
Addiction Of Social Media

Human being from its beginning has the thirst for invention and discovery. In terms of technological revolution man has created history. This steep growth gave rise to the social media which has submerged people beneath its tide!

Internet As A Form Of Technology

Our lives have become much easier with the Internet Technology. It is the most Universal form of Technology that almost everyone in this world is using. Different people use internet for many various purposes. From research, looking up for the latest news, watching films, TV series, playing online games and what not! Modern high-end technologies have given birth to such an amazing facilities which changing our world every day. We no longer need to go outside for shopping, banking work,  paying bills and among many other things. It can be done in just a snap of our finger. People are using it everywhere; school, colleges, offices, bank, shops, restaurants, hotels and at home. The most fun part of the technology called internet is social media.

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Life In The Age Of Social Media

Ding! There is a message on your smartphone waiting for you to open it. The question is which application did you receive this message on? Social media and social networking sites have become a recurring and important part of our life. Smartphone, tablets PC, computer and laptop made it easier to communicate through social media. Communication has become much easier now-a-days. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are becoming a huge part of our hectic schedule. Applications like Facebook and WhatsApp always encourage people to build a network of friends in the virtual world. People are getting famous through social media; apps like YouTube and Musically have created teenage sensation and stars. Each and every day something new becomes viral on the internet.

Obsession Over Social Media

Most Teens and Adults are on social media even thought they know that they are addicted to it. We all know that social media has made our world stronger and a better place to live in, it gave us many things. One just cannot deny that it also took away some crucial part of our life.

Cyber bullying  has become quite common now-a-days. Teenagers are most affected which leads to various psychological concerns like depression etc. Children using social media become the victim of negative criticism which is effecting their lives. The People enjoy the make belief goodies of the virtual world on social media that the real life gets really boring.

The Lost World Of Personal Touch

Having people on their phones is not only disappointing, but also damaging. Instead of a get together or hang out where we can mingle with people, we are busy with our phones on the social media. Funny thing is that I once ran into a pole head on while checking my Facebook news feed on my phone. But what would have happened if it was not a pole, but a bike or worse a truck. I could have been badly injured or even dead. Forget about what if! It is actually happening in real life. People become deeply engrossed on social media that they actually ignore their present environment and become the victims. Social media actually decreases real life human interaction. Frauds and scams are on their peak with more people using social media.

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There Is A Life Outside The Virtual World

Funny thing is people are more concerned with Facebook friends than with the people they interacted in the daily lives which includes their family, real world friends and loved ones. I am not denying in anyway the positive effects of social media in our life, in fact I am a frequent user of Facebook, Instagram and other apps. But one must never forget that there is a real world waiting for us. We should not engross ourselves in social media in such a way that we actually forget to live in the real world. We must learn to control our addiction of social media before it starts to control us.

Keep in mind, that there is a life outside the virtual reality. Our family and friends may not be able to show their support or love by reacting with a wow or love or like  on your picture. But they will be there, with you in the time of your crisis. After all, when you feel down or demotivated, Instagram is not going to appear to hug and console you. You need real people for that.

Edited by: Himesh Saraf