Surajpal Singh Amu Calls NewsX Anchor ‘Baby’ In The Live Show

Surajpal Singh Amu
Surajpal Singh Amu

In a live talk show on NewsX, Karni Supporter Surajpal Singh Amu calls the anchor Sanjana Chowhan ‘Baby’. Even after she objected to it, instead of a simple word of apology he continued with his statement.

As you must have imagined, the show didn’t go on any further since the anchor lost her cool and demanded that Surajpal Singh Amuj must apologise to her. Here is a clip on how it went.

Later Sanjana Chowhan had filed complaint with the National Commission for Women. The NCW issued a statement that they will soon summon Surajpal Singh Amu.

He has been in a limelight constantly since the Padmawati Row and had also put a bounty on the heads of the film makers. He expressed his anguish in a blatantly harsh manner and threatened of consequences.

In the talk show, Chowhan also stated that it is the respect and modesty of the women was at stake. Also that in the state of Rajasthan where 4 gangrapes had taken place but there were no protests were seen.