Taiwan Earthquake: 10 Killed 58 Missing

Taiwan Earthquake
Taiwan Earthquake

An earthquake of 6.4 magnitude hit the Eastern Taiwanese city of Hualien on 7th February 2018. Taiwan earthquake uprooted a hotel off its foundation. The rescue workers were combing through the rubble when the aftershocks made things worse.

Death toll rises in Taiwan Earthquake

Over 10 people died and more almost 58 are still missing as reported by the Reuters. The earthquake hit just before midnight on Tuesday. Around 265 people are reportedly injured. There were more than 200 aftershocks including another earthquake 5.7 magnitude later on Wednesday.


With the devastation faced by people in Hualien, Taiwan, the government has deployed more than 600 soldiers and 1,300 police personnel to help with the rescue efforts.

Hualien has a population of about 100,000 people. This catastrophic event disrupted the normalcy of the lives of people. The rescue workers also created overnight shelter. Around 800 people stayed in these shelters out of fear of going home.

Three mainland Chinese were among the 10 dead in this earthquake.

Most of the missing people are most likely to be trapped in the residential building that was tilted 45º. They flung across their apartment when the earthquake occurred.