Update On Ankit Saxena Murder


With more clarity on the matter, we will try to establish the facts and motives behind Ankit Saxena’s murder. Some news reports describe it as “honour killing” while some as “jihad”, we will try to unravel the facts and throw some light on the entire matter.

Ankit Saxena (23) And Shehzadi (20)

As we we had reported earlier about this sad incident, here are some more insights. Ankit and Shehzadi had an ongoing relationship for last two years or more. They loved each other and wanted to spend their lives together. This was not acceptable to her parents since Ankit was a Hindu and Shehzadi belonged to a Muslim Family.

Shehzadi’s father, who worked as a butcher, had strong objection to their relationship. They had opposed it before as well and tried to stop them from meeting each other but Ankit and Shehzadi had made up their mind already. Even though Shehzadi’s parents wanted her to get engaged to someone from her own community, she wouldn’t allow that.

Ankit Saxena
Ankit Saxena

Thursday Night’s Events

As reported by the Hindustan Times, Ankit Saxena left his house at around 8 PM. Shehzadi, who was waiting for him at the bus stop didn’t know what was taking place. Her parents, uncle and brother confronted Ankit near his house and began to blame him for her disappearance. At first he denied having relationship with her and they soon started beating him up. An onlooker alarmed his parents about the incident who rushed to the scene immediately. They tried to stop them and suggested that they could go to the police station and settle the matter but instead Ankit’s mother also got assaulted by the other woman.

While all this was going on, Shehzadi’s father took his knife and slit Ankit’s throat from Behind. As he fell down, his mother tried to stop the bleeding with her dupatta and also tried to get help but no one would help. After 20 minutes they finally managed to convince an e-rickshaw driver to take him to the hospital where he was declared brought dead.

After the Incident

Police has nabbed the accused in the murder, girl’s parents, uncle and the minor brother. They  have been sent to the judicial custody for 15 days where the minor brother has been sent to the juvenile correction facility.

Situation is tense in the area and the indications of a communal flare up are visible. Many communal parties have been visiting both families since then. The police and CRPF have been deployed in the area to keep the situation under control.

Murder: Planned OR An Act Of A Heated Moment

In our previous report, we had mentioned that in a heated moment on of Shehzadi’s family members stabbed Ankit Saxena. However, with more information at hand, we can try to understand if it was really a planned murder or a spur of the moment act.

Shehzadi’s father worked as a butcher which we recently learned. When he along with his wife, brother-in-law and minor son intercepted Ankit who was on his way, they had all the intention to kill him unless he agreed to stay away from their daughter. When Ankit denied having a relationship with him, they started to beat him up. It’s only after things went out of hands, the woman’s father butchered Ankit by slitting his throat.

Looking at ever single detail and after analysing it, we can conclude that they had planned to Kill Ankit before they left the house unless he wishes to comply to their demands. If they had no intentions to kill Ankit Saxena, they wouldn’t be carrying a butcher’s knife with them.