Western Union Denies Inter Religion Money Transfer

Western Union Denies Inter Religion Money Transfer
Western Union Denies Inter Religion Money Transfer

The Gurgaon branch of the Western Union denied money to a woman because she is a Christian and the sender is a Hindu. The woman recorded a series of two videos which clearly shows this.

Western Union Rules On Money Transfer

We checked the Frequently Asked Questions of one of the most used money transfer services; but we were unable to find any question related to the inter religion money transfer. Obviously there is a reason that such a question does not exist in the QnA. Not satisfied with the results, I called the toll free number 1 800 102 7111 and spoke with a find gentleman named Mr. Nirmal Kumar.

I asked him if there was any such rule where I could not receive funds from a person of different ethnicity to which he explained that there was no such law in place. He also mentioned that the Western Union only deals with the funds transfer of personal type and not the business type. I again clarified if it was okay to send and receive funds of business type in case of same religion. He denied and repeated that they deal only with the transaction of personal type.



Polarisation Of Society

This is a classic example of how the common people perceive a messages and how they take an unethical turn. It was very easy for the person responsible to deny the services to the lady who had gone to withdraw her own money. Just because the staff their had an opinion, they became the custodians of it. That opinion that trickled down from some mighty and powerful leader gave them the power to take this step.

This is just one odd incident that has come in the limelight, there could be thousands of such incidents which never got reported. Most people get courage to dictate their own beliefs and notions that resonate with the ideology of the ruling government because they know there is amnesty in store for them.

Unacceptable Behaviour

The only way to a better society is when we condemn and discourage such actions from the people. It is us, the people who create the world that we live in.  The world must give everyone the same air to breathe and the same water to drink. In other words, we ought not impose our beliefs and way of life onto others. If we do that, we become a reason of an active oppression based on some ethnic or ideological difference. Such acts must be dealt with strict action if we wish to live in a society based on love and respect.