White Farmers Of South Africa Claim To Be Main Targets Of Farm Attacks

White Farmers Of South Africa Claim To Be Main Targets Of Farm Attacks
Farmers protesting as the Farm Attacks in South Africa are on the rise.

SOUTH AFRICA: White farmers claim that they are the main targets of the brutal farm attacks in South Africa. As per the activists protecting the rights of whites, the police had recorded 90 attacks on the white farmers in 2018 alone. One farmer is murdered every 5 days.

Farm Attacks Common In South Africa

This would appear as one of the common incidents to those who live in South Africa; however, to those living in other parts might see this as a rude shock. But what’s more shocking is the fact that the most victims of these attacks are white people. It doesn’t end there though! The crimes are often very brutal and barbaric in nature. They are not just a random case of theft or burglary, they often end up with brutal torture that doesn’t spare even infants, rape, barbaric acts of violence and eventually death. Many politicians have called these Farm Attacks as hate crime towards whites living in South Africa.

Many issues were discussed at the Plenary, National Assembly which was held at the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa on 14 March 2017.

Attacks On White Farmers Of South Africa

Farm Attacks on white farmers is alarmingly high compared to other ethnicities. The data collected during 2000 and 2001 analysis shows that 61.6% farm attack victims were white, 33.3% black and 4.4% of Asian origin. The police does not collect ethnic data on farm attacks. This means that we don’t have access to the current situation on these attacks to determine how grave the situation is. The police also ignores the status of the person during the attacks. Therefore, we don’t know if the victim was a worker or a family member, farmer or someone else.

The 2001 data showed that 69.7% victims were either farmers or their family members and 29.5% were workers or their family members. 0.9% casualties were visitors.

Reasons Behind The Farm Attacks

According to the Stats SA data, over 30.4 million South Africans were living in poverty in 2015 which is around 55.5% of the entire population. A decade ago it was roughly 66.6% which is 31.6 million people. Even though we can see a little improvement, there are still a huge chuck of people who live in poverty. The people who comprise this section is the young black Africans below 17 years of age.

Whites in South Africa still hold most land and capital. Most of the farm land is owned by the white farmers which was mostly forcefully taken away from the blacks without any compensation. Black Africans have been waiting for many years now to get their land back but the government procedure is slow. After waiting for over two decades for their land, there is a lot of anger in the hearts of people.

Black Africans constitute 80.2% of South Africa’s population whereas whites are only 8.4%. According to the data, Black Africans own mere 1.2% of the rural land whereas whites own 23.6%. Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters has described this as “Teaching whites a lesson”.

Talks are being made to resolve this issue since some fear that the happenings in South Africa have all the markings of a genocide.