Women Empowerment In India: Feminism And Equality

Women Empowerment In India Feminism And Equality
Women Empowerment In India Feminism And Equality

In the 21st century, Women Empowerment has become an eloquent topic of discussion in every sphere of the society; it has became a debatable topic in the whole world, a universal issue. Even though, Indians refer their country as the MOTHER land, they don’t show similar respect for a woman, a real human being. It is an undeniable fact that even after 70 years of independence, women in India are the victim of many atrocities and social evils laid by men in this male dominated society.

History Of Women In Ancient India

Women held high position in ancient India according to our old testament and scriptures. There was a time when people regarded women as the icon of shakti. Nothing, was complete without the proper participation of women in it. In the ancient early Vedic period women were educated which led to the Women Empowerment. As a matter of fact, women got a higher level of education. According to Rigvedic verses women were free to select their own husband for marriage or live-in relationship. In Vedic period women had complete freedom in family matters and were the Alpha female of the household. In that period women occupied an honourable place. They used to be equal of men and not mere side kicks.

Crime Against Women In India

Though, India is a country where people worship the female deities, it still ranks high when it comes to crime against women. Not only that, in recent years we have seen an increase in crimes of such nature. Violence against women has become a recurring topic of discussion in India. According to  the National Crime Records Bureau of India, as many as 39 crimes against women  are reported every hour across the country. In a male dominated country like India, women were often have been victims of humiliation and exploitation. Dowry dealings, honour killing, witchcraft related murders, female infanticide, rape, marital rape, molestation, work place harassment, gang rape, human trafficking, force prostitution, domestic violence, forced and child marriage acid attack, abduction and what not!

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Present Scenario Of Women In India

Women are often degraded and consider a weaker sex. Just like discrimination on the basis of race, origin, descent, caste, and religious beliefs, discrimination on the basis of ones sex or gender also exist. Women are often dependent on parents before marriage and on husband after marriage. They live confined under oppression within the four walls. In urban India, everyone wants a girl for their kanyakumari puja but often frown upon the birth of the girl child in their family. In India, people compare a newly wedded bride to Goddess Lakshmi. However, ironically, they beat her to death in demands for dowry. India is a country where if a man smokes it is bad for his health; on the contrary, if they see a woman smoking, they label her as characterless. OH!! Such is the hypocrisy level.

Women Empowerment – Feminism And Equality


Feminism is about freedom, its about liberation, its about EQUALITY. That is what true feminism is all about. Men and women must have equal social, political and economic rights and opportunities. Mind you, feminism is not just about male bashing. One has to understand that being a certain gender is not a crime!

One should learn to able to see humans just as humans. We all are EQUAL. Your gender should never dictate your worth. This year like every other year we celebrated International Women’s Day. I think, the day women have equal rights as men, and no one will ridicule them for being themselves, will be the actual day to celebrate Women’s Day in INDIA.

Edited by: Himesh Saraf