15 Bizarre Finger Names Facts You Need To Know

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The human body has many interesting features that make it special. One such feature is the finger, which is one of the most important parts of our hands. There are a number of different types and shapes for fingers out there, but not all names are as common as others. For example, did you know that people have been naming their fingers after various things throughout history? In this post we will take a look at 15 bizarre finger names facts that you need to know!

Many Roman naming conventions are still in use today. For example, the fingers of the right hand would be called I to IV instead of one through four and they were named after gods as follows: Jupiter (I), Mars (II), Saturn (III) and Mercury or Apollo (IV).

Onomatopoeia is a word that sounds like what it describes. It’s used when people want give an indication of something without explicitly saying it. The term “fingers” can come from this concept because it makes a sound similar to someone snapping their finger(s). Â This is also why we say our hands have five fingers!

1. The name of the index finger is “pinky”

2. The thumb is called a “thumb”

3. The middle finger is also known as the “pointer”

4. The ring finger, or fourth digit, gets its name from an old English word meaning “little and pretty one.”  

5. Meanwhile, the pinky’s origin comes from pincer-like appearance of this little digit when curled up next to other fingers on a hand

6. In some cultures, it’s considered rude to point with your index finger because it resembles insulting someone by gesturing that they have bad breath (or something equally unpleasant) coming out their nose

1. The thumb is called the “pollex”

2. The index finger is called the “index”

3. The middle finger is called the “medium digit”

4. The ring finger is called the “annular digit”

5. In some cultures, it’s considered rude to put your index and middle fingers together when greeting someone with a handshake 

6. People in many countries use their thumbs to point at things or people they want to show something or talk about 

7a) Thumbs up means you like something and thumbs down means you don’t like it 

7b) Some people also use their pinky as a pointer when talking about things on an overhead projector or screen 

8a) When we point one of our fingers towards ourselves, that’s known as making a ‘finger gun’ gesture – this was popularized by Western movies from Hollywood during the late 1800s-early 1900s, such as in John Wayne films 

8b) Making a ‘finger gun’ gesture can be seen as aggressive because it mimics shooting somebody with a real handgun – so if somebody does this towards you then beware! It could mean that they’re trying to intimidate you into doing what

9. The index finger is called the “pointing finger”

10. The thumb is called the “thumb-finger”

11. The ring finger is called the “wedding or marriage finger” because it was once thought that if a person married, they would wear their wedding ring on this digit

12. If you point your fingers at someone and then bring them together to form a fist, you are telling them to stop talking

13. When we shake hands with another person, we usually use our right hand because it’s considered more polite than using our left hand due to cultural beliefs in some countries

15. In Japan, people often greet each other by pressing their thumbs together rather than shaking hands

Have you ever wondered why your fingers have names? I never really thought about it before, but they must make sense. After all, we’re naming our fingers for a reason right? Turns out there are some pretty bizarre finger names out there. Here are 15 bizarre finger names facts that will blow your mind!

We all know that the human body is full of surprises. And it’s often in the most innocuous parts of our anatomy where we find the strangest and most bizarre facts. Our fingers are no exception! They have a whole language all their own, with many different terms for each finger, so it’s time to get up close and personal with your digits and learn some new words about them you never knew before.

Finger names are so weird, but some of them you may actually use. They can come in handy when your friends ask how to spell the name of that one person they met at a party last night and they don’t want to spend hours looking for their profile on Facebook. Anyway, here are 15 finger names facts I bet you didn’t know about!

There are a lot of names for fingers, some more strange than others. I was always told that you should never point your finger at someone because it is considered rude. Apparently we have to thank the ancient Egyptians for this one! Here are 15 facts about finger names that you need to know.

Finger names are a type of nickname that people often give to their fingers. These nicknames usually come from the shape, location or function of the finger. For example, you might call your thumb “the hammer” because it’s used for pounding things or your pinky “the little one” because it is smaller than all the others. This article will cover 15 bizarre facts about finger names that you need to know.


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