4 Seasonal Weddings You Should Know About


Melbourne has a history of having “four seasons in one day,” and its weather can be unpredictable. It can be a little troubling if you intend to celebrate your big day in this fantastic city. Melbourne has four distinct seasons, unlike many other Australian cities; however, given that there is no assurance of ideal weather at any given time of year, is one season preferable to another for weddings? It’s sure of one thing: it’s critical to select a wedding reception venue in Melbourne based on its capacity to produce a fantastic event regardless of what mother nature throws at you. But before the wedding,  engagement rings in Melbourne are one of the essential things to be reckoned with. Consider the advantages of each season to help you decide which is the best time to be married.

Easter Weddings

Wedding seasons in Melbourne generally begin in the spring. According to recent data, spring weddings are the most common choice for Melbourne’s brides and grooms, with up to 37% of couples opting to wed between September and November. Although it will be warmer, it won’t be unbearably hot, so you won’t have to worry about sweating through your dress or having your makeup melt off your face. Spring also offers the widest selection of flowers for your bridal bouquet to adorn the wedding reception site.

Although spring weddings are trendy, getting the vendors and locations you desire is difficult because they sell out years in advance. It also goes without saying that money may not go as far during the spring. Popularity also brings higher price tags.

Summer marriages

December through February are typically dry months in Melbourne. It’s understandable why almost 20% of couples decide to get married in Melbourne during the summer. The season is already joyful, so guests will be prepared to celebrate. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, summer is the most fantastic time to do it because you shouldn’t have to worry about the weather. 

October Weddings

A quarter of Melbourne weddings occur between March and May, making autumn another busy time for weddings there. You might wonder why, well, typically, there is a likelihood of sunshine, and the temperature is moderate—neither too hot nor too cold. Beautiful autumnal hues from the shifting leaves cover the streets, parks, and gardens, providing a fantastic backdrop for wedding photographs. Due to the popularity of the fall months, you might need to allot more time and money for organising your wedding than you would in the spring.

Christmas Weddings

The slowest season for weddings in Melbourne is unquestionably between June to August. But there are a lot of advantages. You will undoubtedly have a more excellent selection of available services, products, and wedding reception locations. During these months, prices could be more affordable, and you can be sure that the groom and the male guests will feel at ease wearing full suits. The bride and her ladies can also choose to wear a stunning jacket, a long-sleeved dress, and chic boleros.

Making engagement rings in Melbourne together could add an extra feeling of adventure, romance, and significance to the process. Any relationship that ends in an engagement deserves to have a memorable and outstanding proposal because it is a big milestone. Thus, weddings in Melbourne are fantastic locations, and people can select this place for their dream wedding. 


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