6 Fashion Field You Can Choose From Before Applying To One

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Did you know you can do amazing things when you have a fashion degree? You need not be a designer. There are multiple fields open to you when you have a fashion degree. Plus, the fashion industry contributes $12 billion to the Australian economy

This article will help you explore the fashion fields available to you to make a mark in the fashion industry. Plus, you will know a bit about the coursework that you’ll undertake. So, read on and enter the fashion industry to make your career. 

Fashion Fields to Explore 

When you study fashion, a host of fashion fields are open to you to scale your career. Below are some options you can explore:

Merchandise Planning

If you are not keen on art or sketching and ideation is not your forte, you can get into merchandise planning. It is perfect for you if you have a technical bent of mind. Suppose you are good with budgets, finances, maximising return on investment, inventory management, and more this field is for you. 

Fashion Design

Are you artistically inclined? If you love sketching and draw inspiration from various things to create gorgeous garments, a fashion design degree is for you. When you learn fashion design, you learn about textiles, sewing, fashion art, fashion history, and much more. These help you create your fashion line. 

Brand Managing 

If you love brands and are brand conscious, you consider being a brand manager. You will be able to identify quality, consumer trends, sales opportunities, and more. Plus, you will know the niches that work well for a brand. Suppose you love luxury brands; you can get a luxury brand management degree and manage the premium luxury brands. 

Fashion Media 

Do you love blogging, writing, photographing, and reporting? You might consider exploring fashion media. You will learn to write for fashion, and you will get to be fashion influencers. What’s more, you can be the next Miranda Priestly managing a magazine!

Public Relations

You can choose public relations if you can be on your feet and work well under pressure to handle the negative press. You will learn to manage brands while keeping them on top of their game, network with media and other fashion houses, and much more. You will also learn to navigate bad press and create good press to make your brand more popular. 

Fashion Stylist 

As a fashion stylist, you can be a style royalty by creating unique styles with available garments. You work closely with fashion directors or photographers to create the perfect look for photoshoots, advertisements, videos, movies, and more. You can also be a visual merchandiser at retail spaces creating styles to display on the shop floor. 

Fashion Entrepreneur 

Ever fancied owning and running your business? You can create your fashion line, market it, advertise it, sell it, and work on customer retention programs, and more. Being a fashion entrepreneur lets you be a master of all fashion fields. Of course, you will need to delegate and train people to help you run your business as an entrepreneur. 

The Coursework in a Fashion Degree 

When you opt for a degree in fashion, you can expect the following coursework depending on the degree you choose:

For a fashion design degree, the coursework includes the following:

  • Learning fashion history 
  • Introduction to textiles 
  • Sewing 
  • Pattern drafting 
  • Technical drawing 
  • Fashion illustration 
  • Draping garments 

For a fashion business and management degree, the coursework includes the following:

  • Learning the art of promoting a fashion line 
  • Brand management 
  • Marketing 
  • Advertising 
  • Fashion writing, reporting, and other media 
  • Fashion styling 
  • Fashion merchandising

These are some of the coursework involved when you choose fashion degrees. 

A fashion degree means that you needn’t only get into design. You can be an entrepreneur, textile developer, fashion marketer, fashion stylist, and much more. You can either take a fashion degree focused on design or management and business. Depending on what you choose, the typical coursework will vary. 

You’ll learn sketching, sewing, pattern making, fashion art, and more in a design degree. If that is not for you, you can opt for a fashion business and management degree, which involves marketing, advertising, merchandising, public relations, and more. 

So, choose a degree in fashion that works for you and scale your career in the fashion industry. 

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