7 Hilarious Tweets About Italian Names for Boys

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When it comes to naming a baby, parents often have the same few ideas in mind. They might be traditional and go with something like John or William, they might want something modern but still somewhat traditional and choose names like Jackson or Ethan, or if they are feeling adventurous there’s always the chance that they will find some inspiration from popular culture and end up choosing unusual names like Kylo Ren. Italian parents on the other hand seem to take a completely different approach when it comes to naming their children. While many of them do opt for more common names such as Francesco or Giacomo, others stray far off course into uncharted territory by giving their son an incredibly unique name such as L’Espresso! This article is going to explore 7 hilariously funny tweets about Italian names for boys.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

7 Hilarious Tweets About Italian Names for Boys

Ok so first up on our list are 7 hilarious tweets from the twitter account @TheMoodieIrene that talk a lot about different Italian baby boy names and how they might sound in English sometimes. Here is one tweet with an example: i want my son’s name to mean ‘the best of both worlds’ but im not sure what it should be.” This person seems like they’re struggling between something more traditional or going out there and getting creative with their childs name if you don’t understand this tweet you need to take a step back and reevaluate your life.

Next up we have 7 tweets from @A_Ella_LaMoodie that talk about 7 Italian baby boy names with the words “God,” One,” or “Love” in them. This person also shares some examples of parents who gave their children these types of names like Ezio, which means God is Love (I think). And then they share another name: Romeo, which means One Who Loves Everyone. I bet you can’t guess what this last tweet says!

1. I can’t believe I’m the only one who has noticed this

2. It’s not a name, it’s a sentence.

3. The most Italian thing ever is giving your child an Italian name and then spelling it wrong.

4. If you’re going to give your son an Italian name, at least get it right. 

5. What kind of parents would do that? 

6. Angelo’ is my favorite because it sounds like ‘angel.

7. I can’t even pronounce this name

8. The only thing worse than a girl named Sophia is a boy named Francesco.

9. This is the saddest story I have ever heard in my life.

10. What was your mom thinking?

11. ItalianNamesForBoys is trending on Twitter for some reason 

12. ‘Mario’ sounds like he’s either Italian or from Brooklyn

In the United States, there are a plethora of names that have been coined by parents for their offspring. Some are very creative and others not so much. However, in Italy this is taken even farther with parents coming up with some pretty hilarious names for boys. Here are 7 tweets about Italian Names For Boys to give you an idea of what we’re talking about!

The name Paolo is an Italian name, and we all know that Italians are a pretty quirky bunch. In fact, they’re so quirky that they come up with the most hilarious names for their kids! Here are some of our favorites: -Giorgio Armani- -Lorenzo Lamborghini- -Giulio Cesare Gotti Tedeschi- Did you just laugh? We did too. Check out these 7 hilariously funny tweets about Italian names for boys to see what else the Italians have in store for us!

You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed and see a tweet that makes you laugh out loud, even if it’s at the expense of someone else? That’s how I felt when I saw these tweets about Italian names for boys. It made me want to write this blog post so all my readers can enjoy them too!

If you’re looking for some laughs, scroll down to see the funniest tweets about Italian names for boys. These are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!

There are many names in Italian for boys. Some of them sound like a good idea but have some very unfortunate translations. Although these may not be the most popular ones, they’re worth mentioning just to get a few chuckles out of you. Here are 7 hilarious tweets about Italian names for boys.

What are Italian names for boys? Do they all end in an i or o? The answer to that is not always, but there are still many popular ones. There are a few different ways of naming your little boy and below we have seven funny tweets about the name choices from Italians.

Italian names might be a little more difficult to pronounce than our own, but that doesn’t stop us from coming up with creative nicknames for them. The best thing about these hilarious tweets is that they are all in English, so you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out what the tweet means if you can’t read Italian! Scroll through and enjoy some of the funniest we found.


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