Making a bold style statement has become a predominant genre for everyone today in Australia. Not to mention, the Aussies are already very fashion-forward, setting unique trends to remember and follow. Winters in places like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, where temperatures drop down to 6, ֯C make it hard to explore fashion as the primary requirement then is comfort. There are many UGG style guides for women for winter fashion but seldom for men. This article will explain how to style high-quality Men’s UGG, Australian made, with the winter clothing available in their wardrobe.

The Australian UGG is of high quality, made from the best of sheepskin for the utmost comfort for the feet. These unique and luxurious footwear pieces are slowly gaining popularity amongst the 12.6 million male demographic in Australia, giving them creative freedom to express themselves. The following section in the article will shed some light on how men in Australia can look sharp yet be comfortable wearing these cosy UGG.

Simple UGG styling tips for men and how it boosts confidence:

Most of the Men’s UGG, Australian made, are unique in their design, colour and texture. These UGGs are a part of the new revolutionary winter vogue amongst the fashion-forward Aussies. Be it for a ski trip with the boys or a comfy night out with family; they are trying to put in efforts to look nice without giving up their foot warmth. The following points will help these men understand the correct pairing techniques to alleviate their fashion game:

  • The primary step while looking for a high-quality Men’s UGG, Australian made, is to figure out what colour and design are ideal for them. Many men prefer a short ankle-length UGG to style it with long pants, while others choose high-ankle ones. This is a matter of personal preference as different people have a different style concept in mind.
  • Comfortable, light brown UGG, either high or short ankle length, can be styled with a quirky flannel shirt and a pair of black denim. The look can be completed with a nice long overcoat that is a neutral colour to avoid messing with the colour palette too much.
  • It is preferred to always style the UGG with informal or casual clothing than formal attire, simply because the two do not gel well together. Black/brown UGG go well with a simple black or white tee-shirt and blue denim. If this UGG is to be styled with formal wear, it is recommended to try a semi-casual look instead. For instance, wearing a formal shirt with sleeves folded, a pair of black slim-fit pants style well with long-ankle UGG.
  • Accessories are underappreciated when it comes to styling Australian made UGG for men. Men can certainly upgrade their OOTD (Outfit of the Day) with the help of a nice snap-back or even a scarf around their neck. This will either make them look super cool or give them a rustic look. If they are not interested in something bold, they can try to style their UGG by accessorising their wrist with a detailed watch or a few bracelets. This look is seemingly popular amongst many Aussie men as they show off their subtle fashion statement.

UGG is super-versatile, affordable and luxurious; hence anybody with an eye for fashion will certainly understand the hype around them. They are a one-time purchase for minimalist lovers and a collector’s obsession. It is only wise to purchase them now and make them a wardrobe essential.


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