Best Way To Kickstart Your Teaching Career In The Pandemic

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An Honest Review

 “Black color is sentimentally bad but, every blackboard makes the student’s life bright.” These are the words of one of the most eminent scientists, inventors, and educationalists, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. In this day and age though, the golden days of blackboards are behind them and the world has moved on to online teaching and virtual boards with the pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly struck the education sector very hard. Sadly, there have been quite a few layoffs and teachers are eagerly looking for ways to revive their careers. The ways of teaching and learning are being reimagined. Online teaching has emerged as a godsend for teachers all over the world but some people are reluctant or unsuccessful in landing online teaching jobs as they do not know the tricks of the trade. 

Presently there are a lot of online teaching apps in the market, not all of which are conducive to your teaching goal. To provide guidance to people looking for teaching jobs, we have brought for you the best app for live teaching. There are a number of features that can be provided to make the life of teachers significantly easier when teaching online. These features are helpful only when the key issues which online teaching jobs bring to the fore are addressed properly to provide an overall balanced and fulfilling experience of online teaching. An app that provides this balance between simplicity and efficiency is what an online teacher should be looking for. Also, the app should be specifically developed keeping the needs of the Indian subcontinent in mind. The most widely acclaimed app for live teaching in INDIA, in 2021, is without a doubt Teachmint. Instantly, this live teaching app has struck a chord with the Indian teaching community. Let us look at some of the key features which make this app one of the most amazing and a very highly rated app for live teaching out there.

Why Teachmint?

Teachmint has been a huge hit among Indian teachers. Below is the list of features that explain why it is the best Indian live teaching app there is- 

1.Two-way communication

Asking questions is the only way students learn and get a clear understanding of the topic. It is the natural and accurate simulation of the manner in which teaching is done in a physical classroom. Therefore, you should look for an app that provides for two-way communication between students and teachers.

2. Automated Attendance and Fee Management

If there is one thing that can surely improve the life of a teacher, it is a break from a tiresome ritual of marking the individual attendance of each student. Imagine the amount of time and effort you would save if the attendance took care of itself. Teachmint provides you exactly that, by its automated attendance marking system. The fee management system helps teachers and institutions manage the fee without any hassle. It allows to keep track of payments, send reminders and it even acts as a gateway! Talk about multipurpose!

3. Simple and Interactive UI

Things should always be made as simple as possible. With this philosophy in mind, Teachmint provides a very simple and interactive user interface that can be very easily learned to operate. A teacher should be only concerned about teaching without say, panicking about how to know if he is visible to his students or not.

4. Administrator Tools

Scheduling classes, batch management, sharing study materials, student database, notice, attendance, grading, and likewise, can be very painstaking processes in online teaching. This app provides the most simple and powerful admin tools for a variety of functions that teaching jobs require.

5. Privacy

Privacy of an individual is of utmost concern while video conferencing or sharing other personal data. The user data on a live teaching app should be strictly used only for teaching purposes and nothing else. Teachmint, with its special focus on user privacy and security, has integrated key features in its platform to provide for the same.


6. Data Consumption and Connection

In a country like India with high internet congestion, in many areas, we quite often have to settle for a 3G connection speed branded as 4G connection (sigh). We need an app that has low internet data consumption and works well even on a subpar connection. Teachmint has been specially optimized for India by providing an option to teach in low-quality mode. 

7. Pricing

This is probably the most shocking feature in a good way. Online teaching apps that are only half as good as this one, charge heavy prices for their premium features which are sometimes unaffordable to many ambitious young teachers looking for online teaching jobs. But this app provides all the necessary features absolutely FREE of cost. It really is a boon for the teachers. 

Thus, now we know why this app is the perfect partner for your online teaching career.


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