Can I Buy Zopiclone Tablets From An Online Pharmacy?

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There have most likely been occasions when you have lay awake late at night, unable to fall asleep. Do not worry, you are not alone. There are millions of people across the globe who experience sleeping difficulties on a regular basis. These people suffer from a condition known as insomnia, which involves trouble commencing sleep and staying asleep.

There are various medications available that can improve sleep quality and quantity, and the non-benzodiazepine class comprise some of these sleep aids. Zopiclone tablets fall into this class and although they have a different chemical structure to benzodiazepines, they function in a very similar way. For this reason they have similar effects, however, non-benzodiazepines are known to have comparative advantages such as a lower risk of tolerance and dependence.

So, you would like to buy zopiclone for effective treatment? Well, the good news is that zopiclone tablets can be purchased online. This means there is no need to get up off the couch and stand in long lines at the local pharmacy. Your medication can now be purchased with a few clicks of the mouse. You can buy zopiclone just by requesting the medication online at a trusted internet pharmacy. After placing your order electronically, the items are packaged and shipped discreetly and efficiently.

What Is Imovane?

Zopiclone tablets are also sold under the brand name Imovane. Due to an expired patent, generic manufacturers are now allowed to produce and sell this medication. They use the exact same formula as the branded version and the authorities impose the same regulations on generic manufacturers as the initial producer. Consequently, generic Imovane is only allowed to be produced in world-class establishments.   

It is possible to buy zopiclone online and choose the generic version, which is simply known by the active ingredient. When you choose zopiclone online, you will have a medication that has the exact same pharmacological properties as Imovane. It is, however, about 80 to 85% less expensive than Imovane. The main reason for this is that generic companies are not required to repeat the same costly clinical trials that were a prerequisite before Imovane was released.

What Sleep Disorders Is Imovane Used For?

This non-benzodiazepine sleep aid is able to treat various categories of insomnia. In fact, in clinical studies this medication has been shown to effectively treat the following characteristics of insomnia:

·         The length of time it takes to changeover from wakefulness to sleep

·         The overall standard of sleep quality throughout the night

·         The total duration of time spent asleep during the night

·         The number of times a person wakes up during the nighttime

·         The overall condition in the morning after treatment

A clinical trial took place to compare the effects of Imovane with a benzodiazepine medication called nitrazepam. The comparison of tolerability and effectiveness was made specifically among elderly patients with chronic insomnia.

Altogether, 74 elderly patients were involved in the research and they received placebo for 7 days at the beginning of the study. Placebo treatments are used as an inactive control so experts can better understand the true effect of the medicines being tested.

After the initial 7-day placebo treatment, the participants in the clinical trial were given 7.5mg Imovane or 5mg nitrazepam to take nightly for another 7 days. The results of the research confirmed the following:

·         Both Imovane and nitrazepam were more effective than placebo

·         In comparison to nitrazepam, Imovane had little or no effect on neurological function

·         Imovane was found to induce a better condition upon awakening than nitrazepam

This clinical trial demonstrated that both Imovane and nitrazepam are safe and effective for the treatment of chronic insomnia among elderly patients. However, neurological function was not affected by Imovane. Neurological function refers to residual side effects like muscle weakness, reduced alertness and unexplained pain.

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How Does Zopiclone Work as a Sleep Aid?

The brain has a natural tendency to release a tranquilising chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid. This medication works by enhancing this chemical, thereby increasing its effect. Most sleep medications work through manipulating brain chemistry in order to influence neurotransmitters into inducing a sleep state, or at least a calm mental state.

When you obtain zopiclone online, you will have a medication that is distinct from benzodiazepines because it affects specific receptors called GABAA receptors. This interaction allows this medication to be at least as effective as benzodiazepines, except it provides advantages. By acting on specific GABA receptors, this medication has been shown to have a better safety profile.

You should keep in mind that even though these medications can work wonders in aiding our ability to sleep, they are by no means a cure for any sleeping disorder. Sleep aids are designed to work in conjunction with cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia.

The medication works to grant you reprieve from sleepless night, giving you the ability to function effectively in your personal and professional life. While the therapy works to help you identify and negate the things in your life, which trigger the stress that causes your sleeping difficulties.

Why Should I Consider a Sleep Aid?

Our lives can be extremely stressful, and it can be especially challenging to simply leave that stress at work. Managing stress from your work environment along with your responsibilities at home often leads to anxiety and sleeplessness. In fact, there are millions of people around the world that suffer from sleeping difficulties on a regular basis.

On a positive note, people with insomnia often benefit from sleep medication as well as effective coping strategies like cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia. If you feel you could benefit from a sleep aid, why not get your zopiclone online? This medication might not appeal to you, after all some people handle stress and its symptoms a lot better than others.

You might have a hobby, play a sport, or simply listen to some music to get the stress of the day off your back. However, not everyone has the mental disposition or time to do this. With the convenience of online shopping, you can now buy zopiclone tablets online and effectively prevent the unpleasant symptoms of insomnia.

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