Everything You Need To Know About Chemo Hat Creation And Care


Whether you’re battling cancer yourself or want to get a loved one a nice present, a chemo hat is a helpful purchase. Apart from keeping the head warm, they can offer protection against the dirty outdoors and become a fashion statement. 

Before you go running to purchase chemo headwear, there are a few things you have to know. 

What are Chemo Hats?

Chemo hats, as the name suggests, are headwear created especially with cancer patients in mind. The caps are made to be soft and gentle on the scalp and ears. They’re also made with fabrics that don’t irritate the sensitive scalp of a cancer patient. 

These hats can be worn during chemotherapy and after. Mostly, they’re around to keep the scalp warm and free from infection. 

How do You Make Them?

Not all chemo caps are cut from the same cloth. But, the good ones follow some basic guidelines to make them comfortable! 

  • Instead of synthetic cloth, the good chemo headwear uses 100% cotton or a cotton blend with acrylic or bamboo. The fabric that the hats are made from needs to be ultra-soft. 
  • While wool seems like the best option for such headwear, it can be irritating for the sensitive skin of a cancer patients’ scalp. Even mohair can be irritating. 
  • If handmade, the hats don’t have knots. Knots can aggravate the scalp. 

What to Look for in a Chemo Hat

When purchasing chemo headwear, there are a few factors to look out for.


Chemo headwear can’t be anything less than full coverage. It needs to extend from the hairline down to the nape of the neck. While it disguises hair loss and makes it physically and emotionally better for the patient, it also keeps the scalp warm and prevents infections from affecting the tender skin. 


Scalps are unnervingly sensitive, especially after a round of chemotherapy. So, choosing a soft hat made of light, breathable materials is essential. 

Even if the hat’s material isn’t the softest, you can use a hat liner to make them less irritating to the scalp. Hat liners let you experiment with different materials and colours for more comfort. 


Chemo headwear isn’t like regular caps or hats. Many of the hats created for those with cancer provide an illusion of hair underneath the cap. There’s a fullness and volume to them that many women enjoy. 


What kind of life do you lead? Are there any special occasions coming up? Will you be wearing them every day? Will you be sleeping with them? 

Knowing when you’re going to be using your chemo hats makes it easier to determine the type of headwear you want and the colours you choose. You’ll find several styles and colours to suit your many moods and necessities. 


The climate of the place you reside in also plays a significant role in determining the best type of chemo cap for you. While cotton and bamboo hats can be worn all year round, it’s best to also have a stash of summer and winter hats. 

If you stay in a space that tends to get hot and cold quickly and terribly, it’s best to have such items on hand. 

Wrapping Up 

Buying a hat has never been so hard. With multiple options and several considerations to keep in mind, buying headwear is more complicated than it seems. 

As long as you keep in mind the material you’re purchasing is suitable to your climate, and the design isn’t dreadful, it’s a great choice! 


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