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I was born in New York, and we have a fairly small population in the state of New York. It is this small population that is the impetus for the “flight” to Russia. The state of New York has a population of just over 9 million people so I can see how the flight to Russia might be a bit overwhelming for a child for a few years.

In our new trailer, we meet a group of seven people who have decided to take a flight to Russia. They are the members of a group that will be traveling to St. Petersburg to attend a conference. After the conference they will travel by train back to New York and report back to the group about what they saw and learned at the conference. It is this group of people that we meet in the new trailer in Russia.

We know all of these people very well. We are the only two people who really know the real reason they are going to Moscow.

In the trailer we see people who seem to be former coworkers and friends of the people behind this group. They are the ones who’ve brought the suitcase that will be used to travel to Russia. They are also the people who will tell the group about the conference in Moscow. The trailer then introduces us to another group who won’t be traveling to Moscow and won’t be traveling to Russia. We see them at the airport in New York and at the hotel.

Everyone is traveling, and none of them are making it to Moscow for the conference. The people whove been involved in the group, have not been to Moscow.

The flight to Moscow is one of the most important events of the event, and it seems to be only by luck that they are traveling to Moscow. They are not the ones who have been to Russia to try to find the suitcase. They are not the ones whove been to Moscow to try to find the suitcase. They are the ones whove brought the suitcase that will be used to travel to Russia. The ones whove brought the suitcase that will be used to travel to Russia.

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I'm a student that loves to write, blog about my passions and be an online resource for others who share them as well! Traveling has always been one of those things I really enjoy doing but it's not something us students can afford (or even want) without making some sacrifices along the way - which is why when this opportunity came up earlier this year asking if anyone wanted in on their trip planning group chat while they were abroad* voices went up quickly before any hesitation could occur at least once again saying 'yes


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