How to Register Your Favorite Business Name in Australia

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Whether you’re at the nascent stage or want to structure your entrepreneurial venture better, business procedures can appear tedious. 

One of the essential features of any venture is its name. At the same time, adorning your biz with a catchy yet suitable name isn’t easy. 

From picking the right title to getting the help of a business registration service, the bottlenecks are everywhere. Don’t worry. Today’s your lucky day as you’ll get all the help you seek right here. Read on!

How Should You Proceed?

The start is as simple as a number. Essentially, you will require registering for an Australian Business Number or ABN. 

From tax registrations to legal rights validation, the unique number forms the focal point for all the biz-centric services. Essentially, if you are someone who wants to deal in goods and services, getting the ABN is a mandate. 

However, you don’t require the 11-digit code if your business relates to Christmas, Cocos Island, or the other registered partners. 

You can receive multiple benefits with ABN, such as:

  • Easy identification for order placement and invoicing
  • Exemption from Pay as you go for taxes payments
  • Credits of Energy Grants
  • Access to Australian Domain Name

Now that you’ve received your ABN, it’s time to add the business name. 

How Can You Add the Business Name with ABN?

A name for your business separates your services from other ventures in your industry. 

With that being said, if you’re someone providing services, you need not register for a name. However, operating a business or physical establishment with other employees requires getting a title.

There you go, you have checked your venture off against all the standard requirements and figured out a suitable name. Now, after receiving the ABN, you can start the process. 

Here are is a listed view of the process you should follow.

Step 1: Check the Uniqueness

To identify as distinctive biz, your consumers need to create a different perception of you. The process starts with a specific name that matches the services you offer and your business’s distinctive personality. 

You need to scour through the business registration directory to ensure that your chosen name is still available.

Step 2: Trademark Cross Referencing

Every name gets registered with a trademark. Go through IP Australia to crosscheck if your business name already carries intellectual property protection. 

Step 3: Licenses and Domain Name

Based on the type of your business, the license requirements will vary. Technically, you’ll have to check with the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) to figure out the verifications and registrations your venture needs. 

On top of it, if you want an online presence and transactions, a suitable domain name is a must. 

Step 4: Trademark Application

Now that you have complied with all the necessary procedures, you must have a protective shield for your business name. To make it clearer, getting a trademark is the next important step your business needs.

Step 5: Registration

After ensuring mandatory compliance, including stakeholders’ consent, you can initiate the registration. You can choose between a Government registration service or a private business registration service provider. 

Final Advice

A business name is a crucial step toward creating and scaling a brand. The entire process might seem unbearable, but it’ll be hassle-free with the proper guidance and an excellent business registration service.

You’ve got the vision, passion and the steps to convert them into reality. It’s time to make your move.


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