Is It Essential to Visit a Podiatrist Regularly?

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Every five minutes, an individual in Australia is diagnosed with diabetes. At least fifteen per cent of the affected individuals fall prey to a foot ulcer. Half of them are hospitalized due to an infection, many people encounter problems in their foot or toe, and worse, their legs are amputated. 

People with diabetes have higher risks of developing foot problems, and that is why seeing a podiatrist is essential. From regular foot check-ups to diabetic footcare, a podiatrist can help you out.

Foot Problems That Patients With Diabetes Experience

People diagnosed with diabetes encounter a comprehensive range of foot problems such as,

Nerve Damage

It can result in pain and numbness in the feet. Nerve sensitivity reduces, and it implies that an injury in your foot can go unrecognized and generates severe issues in the long run. People might eventually encounter the loss of feeling in their feet and toes. When people experience nerve damage, they might also get affected by the weakening of foot bones. Bones may fracture easily, resulting in foot deformities.

Lower Blood Flow to the Feet

When the blood flow is reduced, any injury in your feet will take more time to heal. At times, people may not even notice the cuts, sores or other problems in their foot. It is crucial to consider diabetic foot care as the body’s healing ability is impaired.

A Podiatrist Can Help You Out

A diabetes healthcare team must have a podiatrist as they are specially trained to care for the patient’s foot problems. From nerve damage assessment to identifying foot health risks, a podiatrist can aid diabetes patients. Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it is vital to get a foot assessment at least twice a year. Individuals can identify any issues in the earlier stages if there are any issues.   

Diabetic foot assessment allows the podiatrists to determine the blood flow to your feet. The pulse rate on top of the foot and ankle inside are recorded in one assessment. In another blood flow assessment, toe pressure, which is identical to the blood pressure of your arms, is determined. It will help to identify the capability of the body to heal injuries. The podiatrist also evaluates the nerve ending’s sensitivity when the patient closes their eyes and notices different sensations. If there are any issues in blood flow or nerve ending’s sensitivity, podiatrists will inform patients to consult a general physician.

Some General Guidelines for Proper Foot Care

Footcare is very important as diabetes is hazardous to your feet, and a trivial blister can result in severe consequences. Diabetes is the reason behind nerve damage, and it takes away the feeling in your feet. These guidelines will help you prevent severe foot problems which might result in foot, toe or leg amputations.

Scrutinize your feet regularly to find cuts, blisters, redness, swelling or nail problems. If you identify any issues, immediately consult your doctor. Lukewarm water is suitable for bathing and maintaining hygiene by washing your feet daily. From cutting your nails to moisturizing your feet, you can’t compromise on foot care. Whether there are problems with nails or feel, get precise details by connecting with the physician.

More than 4000 diabetic-related amputations occur in Australia alone, and feet or toes are the majority. These amputations could have been prevented with early intervention. If you are concerned about toes, nails or feet, visit the trusted podiatrists regularly and follow the footcare instructions. Book a consultation with experts to know that your feet are delicate and prevent diabetes from deteriorating your feet.


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