Journey of Kratom: From Powder to Capsules to Gummies, Softgels, and more


Kratom hardly needs an introduction, as it has become a part of life for millions of Americans. Numerous households contain kratom bottles or packs filled either with powder or capsules. Many love to chew gummies, so they have bought home little fruit-flavored gummies containing pure kratom extract. Many others love to pop softgels. While others love to experiment with varying forms, so have tried shots, resins, and more. 

So you see, kratom has found an esteemed place in the United States of America. It is such a hit among people that vendors are forever looking for newer ways to impress users. You can easily get kratom in Ohio

Every now and then, you would find a newer version of this beautiful Asian herb. And users can’t have enough of kratom! 

From powder to capsules 

First, it was kratom powder. Then vendors thought of how some users couldn’t tolerate the bitterness of the powder. Many puked. Many others choked. Not all are masters at the toss and wash method. 

So, vendors encapsulated the powder in small gelatin-covered capsules. And as if this was not enough, the vendors produced different sizes of kratom capsules! You can find size 0, size 00, size 000, and more! 

Normally, one capsule contains anything from 0.5 to 0.75 grams of kratom, depending on the size. 

From capsules to softgels

Vendors found that many people find it difficult to swallow capsules. A few others experienced indigestion, as the hard gelatin covering may not suit all. Many others were disappointed because capsules take around 45 minutes to produce effects. The stomach must digest the gelatin covering first to release the powder. 

Those taking kratom for mood already find this as a mood spoiler! 

So, vendors decided to produce softgels! These are, well, soft gels. 

Their covering is soft, so easier and quicker to digest. They contain no powder. Instead, they are filled with liquid kratom extract, the strongest form of kratom. So, if you took two capsules to complete your dosage, you must take only one softgel for the same dosage. 

From softgels to gummies

Could the vendors rest after creating softgels? No way! Now, they rolled up their sleeves to produce a more interesting version of this herb – gummies. 

Natives of kratom land are known to chew the leaves of this tree. Many people in America wished to do the same, but alas, kratom does not grow on American lands. 

But hey, what’s here? As you search for “kratom shop near me” you find licensed vendors selling gummies, which you can chew and get the feel of chewing a kratom leaf! 

That’s why they haven’t completely camouflaged the real taste of kratom. They have only subdued it with fruity flavors. As you continue to chew, you hit a tanginess mixed with sweetness and it’s a complete ‘wow’ experience. 

Can’t wait to chew kratom? Bring home Tropical Kratom Gummies. 

The journey of kratom versions continues…

Vendors are continuously burning the midnight oil to give users interesting versions of kratom. Today, you can also enjoy kratom resin, extracts, shots, crushed leaves to make tea, and more.


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