Recruiting Real Estate Agents in a Digital World

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We live in an increasingly digital world. In this day and age, nearly everyone has access to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. More people than ever before are searching online for information on the homes they’re interested in buying or selling. 

The internet is changing the way we shop for everything from groceries to cars. It’s no wonder that more and more people are looking to sell their homes through an agent who specializes in finding buyers for their property. 

To attract these potential clients, you need to find the best-qualified agents who own listings in areas most likely to generate interest. That means hiring the right realtor and doing what it takes to get the job done.

Key Reasons to Recruit:

• You have so many leads that it’s impossible to stay in contact with them all. Buyer’s Agents can help you convert leads and free up more of your time without sacrificing income. The key to recruiting real estate agents is finding motivated Realtors who want to grow as agents and have some experience closing transactions. 

They know what prospective buyers look for in their homes and how to market effectively to capture the attention of those prospects. Some agents specialize in certain properties, while others focus on multiple housing markets. A good resource for finding top realtors is the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

• The more agents you have, the easier it will be to grow your team and add Admin staff, a Transaction Coordinator, a bookkeeper, and possibly other administrative assistants. The more people you employ, the lower your overhead costs will be. 

However, if you do not train your new hires properly, you may later spend money on costly training and retraining. If you plan to expand into different industries, having a full-time office manager helps you keep track of budgets and expenses and ensures that your workers are getting paid correctly.

How to Recruit Agencies:

Recruiting agencies isn’t new – there were realtors in medieval times too. But as technology advanced, more and more people started using websites like Zillow and Trulia to check prices on houses for sale, search for neighborhoods by type of house and amenities, review photos and floor plans, and even post their wish lists on sites like Craigslist. 

People often use these tools for research when considering where to put down roots. Still, many potential homeowners don’t realize they should consider contacting a local real estate company for assistance. Here are some ways to recruit agencies today:

1. Host Networking Events

Meetups and community groups are great places to start networking and meeting people. There are numerous meetup groups available to connect Realtors across the country. 

Whether you’re looking to recruit a whole team or just one individual, hosting regular networking sessions allows you to talk about what you offer with prospective members. These informal gatherings open doors because attendees tend to come away inspired by hearing stories from other professionals. 

Many of these organizations have an annual conference or event that brings together business owners. Find out when the next one is being held near you, or visit the association’s website for current meetings and schedules. Alternatively, check-in at the Chamber of Commerce for updates: many cities host monthly or quarterly receptions for business owners.

2. Reach Out Via Email and Social Media

One of the best ways to reach out and introduce yourself to people is via email – something most of us already do daily. Sending personalized emails introduces you as someone who cares about their client’s interests first – this sets you apart from marketing emails sent by other companies. 

Ensure you include relevant information in each message – don’t forget to mention your name, industry credentials, and anything else that might make your content stand out. Once you’ve earned trust through personal communication, you can try reaching out via social media. 

In recent years, many millennials have become fans of brands that create meaningful connections on Instagram or Snapchat. For instance, if you’re interested in selling homes in Westchester County, consider tweeting or tagging WestchesterHomeTeam. 

It doesn’t cost much to start – you need a Twitter account and a few followers to set up. You could also join a LinkedIn group dedicated to helping home sellers in Westchester County, such as “The Sellers Association in Westchester.” If you belong to such a group, you’ll likely benefit from sharing knowledge and information with others in your field.

3. Setup A Facebook Group and Provide Guidance

One way to reach agents without investing time and energy into sending personal messages is to take advantage of online platforms with built-in communities. When searching for a property to sell, you may find several realty companies showing properties similar to yours. 

Instead of clicking around different pages, head to a forum or Facebook group to share info between agents. Consider joining up with other agents in your city and state to establish a strong network. Each conversation you participate in builds rapport and strengthens relationships within the group. 

The same goes for setting up a Facebook group dedicated to your area. You can post helpful articles or show off photos of your latest listings to engage potential buyers and encourage them to hit the “Like” button. 

Also, provide valuable resources such as video tutorials, eBooks, and brochures to keep your participants engaged. Remember to use a variety of formats when posting. Avoid talking solely about sales techniques and stick to topics that build camaraderie among your group. 

Finally, once you launch the group, promote its existence in other forums and networks. Your efforts to attract new members will pay off.

4. Host Continuing Education Courses

If your goal is to recruit top-notch talent, you should always look for opportunities to train your associates. Such programs allow brokers to learn how to maximize their business while boosting efficiency. 

Whether you teach classes at your own office or host online courses, participating in educational sessions effectively finds agents committed to providing superior service. 

Since there are various types of continuing education courses available, it helps to know which ones work better than others. According to a study conducted by Accenture, attendees of these training programs reported that they were satisfied with the quality of instruction, enjoyed the learning experience and learned skills that improved their ability to perform better in their day job.


To recruit high performers, you must invest substantial time and effort into identifying candidates who meet your criteria. With today’s technology, the process has never been simpler; however, some tasks require more attention than others. 

Start small and gradually increase responsibilities until your team becomes efficient enough to handle every task. As you gain momentum, you’ll earn more friends and clients, leading to higher satisfaction levels.


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