The 4 different types of heavy equipment used in construction

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Large projects require heavy construction equipment. Before choosing the heavy equipment, the project’s economy and construction work size are considered. Some of the different types of equipment include bulldozers, excavators, and tower cranes. Additionally, loading bay equipment is used for efficiently loading and off-loading goods. But purchasing them means spending an arm or leg. And what if you have a project that must be completed within the shortest amount of time? That’s when you can rent the equipment. After all, renting or buying the equipment depends upon the project and the time to complete it. So, here are the different types used in various construction projects. 

  1. Bulldozers: Bulldozers are one of the most robust machines used in construction projects. They are primarily used to dig, excavate, level the soil or materials, and push them at the construction site. You will find different bulldozers like mini bulldozers, wheel bulldozers and crawler bulldozers. A mini bulldozer also called a compact bulldozer, is perfect to work in residential, snow-filled areas and driveways. Due to the small size, this equipment can perform well where there is a requirement of clearing and grading. The crawler bulldozer is also known as a track bulldozer. It appears to be similar to a tractor and can haul heavy materials and maneuver hard surfaces. When it comes to the wheeled bulldozer, it is perfect for sensitive and soft grounds. 
  2. Excavators: Before shopping or renting the excavators, you must know the various types. Some include suction excavators, long reach excavators, wheeled and crawler excavators. The suction excavators are also known as vacuum excavators and include a suction pipe or system that sucks up debris and soil swiftly. The long reach excavators consist of a huge boom and arm. The arm extends to a range of around 40 to 100 feet, making it effortless to excavate from a distance. The wheeled excavators comprise wheels and are used on flat or hard surfaces. The crawler excavators are used for trench digging and mining. The benefit of this equipment is that it can be used on uneven terrain. 
  3. Tower cranes: One of the largest cranes in the world is the tower crane. The tower cranes help transport and load the heaviest and largest loads. Due to their lifting capabilities, they are a piece of essential equipment used in the construction industry. They are exorbitant and need a lot of time and money to be transported from one place to another. When you hire or rent a tower crane, it can help reduce the cost of maintenance. 

Loading platforms: Loading platforms or loading bay is in high demand in the construction industry. You can ensure that this equipment makes the life of the construction workers easy. Since safety is the main concern for many workers, loading platforms are used. It allows workers to complete challenging tasks relatively effortless. But make sure you carefully use this platform to safeguard the construction workers. Apart from swiftly moving bulky items, it can be managed by one worker. Since it is easy to use, any worker can operate this equipment. That’s not all, no special training is required for using this equipment, and it can be easily maintained. So, when you hire this equipment, the hiring company will easily maintain the loading platform system. It can also ease up the traffic and clear up any obstruction in the areas because of the organised setup. Plus, you don’t require any additional metals or wires, and it is perfect for multi-storey construction. You can ensure that it is a piece of reliable, effective, efficient and cost-effective equipment.


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