Types of master’s degrees you can study to get on with your life quicker!


Master’s degrees are a respected and well-established way to advance your career. In the past, a master’s degree was a terminal qualification meaning it marked the completion of your academic career. However, many institutions now offer master’s degrees that can count as credit towards another advanced degree such as an MBA or Ph.D.

1) Course Master’s Degrees – There are two types of course masters; taught and research-only courses. These are usually one-year full-time courses. A taught course involves lectures while research-only involves no lectures but instead has you work on an individual project under supervision from experienced tutors.

2) Coursework Masters – Here, there is more emphasis on supervised individual projects rather than lectures. These can be completed in one or two years full-time and are highly valued because they combine project work with academic study.

3) Practice Masters – This type, of course, is for those looking to turn their professional skills into academic credentials. Practice masters often have little or no lectures and focus more on your work experience and project work, for example, the University of Glamorgan’s MBA in Management Practice.

4) A research Master – They are available in different subject areas from arts to science and technology. Research masters are useful for getting a Ph.D. in the same or related subject.

5) The Master of Letters or MLitt – This course does not involve individual projects. Instead, you produce a substantial volume of research material and complete a research thesis. These degrees can be taken as full-time or part-time study and valuable for getting into doctorates.

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The Benefit from master’s degree learning that can count as credit.

This degree is relevant for those who wish to build on their existing postgraduate qualifications or seek accreditation after completing a Ph.D. It can be completed on a part-time basis and is created to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed in the workplace. It allows you to explore your research interests while developing your professional skills and enhancing employability. There are no teaching modules, so it is advisable to have some postgraduate experience before applying for this course. This is a good choice if you are interested in earning a master’s degree that can count as credit towards a Ph.D. or other advanced degree.

This course is ideal for those who wish to combine their academic studies with real-world learning. 

You will develop your research skills and knowledge by attending regular lectures, workshops, and seminars and completing group work and individual projects. You will also be able to work alongside industry professionals, which will enable you to put your new skills into practice in the workplace. The course can be completed either full-time or part-time and is also available overseas. A minimum of 120 credits must be achieved out of the 200 available, including a 10,000-word dissertation project on a science-related topic.

This course offers you the chance to study a Master of Letters focusing on your particular field of interest. 

You will benefit from project work and research under the supervision of experienced tutors, which will enhance your knowledge and understanding in any area of your choice. It enables you to build on your existing postgraduate studies, gain new skills valuable for future job prospects or build up credits towards a Ph.D. It can be studied part-time in two years or full-time in one year, depending on where you live.


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