What Are the Advantages of Using Hemp Fabric?

Hemp Fabric

Hemp provides the warmth and smoothness of a typical fibre while also boasting the extraordinary strength rarely seen in other materials. Hemp’s versatility means you may make it into a wide variety of products, including furniture, footwear, apparel, and decorative items. Cotton’s or silk’s flexibility and sheen, combined with hemp’s regular strength, usher in a new fashion era. And this is why the hemp online shop is burgeoning.

5 Reasons Why Hemp Fabric Is A Preferred Choice

The environmental benefits of hemp fabrics have been widely touted, but what are the tangible advantages of using them for apparel, home decor, upholstery, and other textile applications? This article will look at five advantages of working with hemp fibres.

It’s Biodegradable

Because it is derived from plants, hemp is entirely biodegradable. If you choose hemp fabric over synthetic, you may rest easy knowing that it will biodegrade without causing any harm to the environment once its useful life has ended.

Microfibres of plastic from synthetic fabrics like polyester are a significant environmental hazard. When synthetic clothing is cleaned, tiny plastic fibres shed and flow down the drain, eventually clogging pipes and polluting water supplies. Fish consume the tiny fibres, and then the fish are consumed by other animals and humans. Switching to hemp instead of synthetics can stop more plastic from ending up in the ocean and on the plates.

It’s Antibacterial

Hemp cloth has antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties, and that’s not something you’ll hear about in textiles. Hemp underwear and socks are an excellent option because they keep you feeling fresh and help prevent bacterial illnesses. Towels and washcloths made from this material are also high-quality.

It’s Durable

Strong and long-lasting hemp clothing is a significant investment. It is said to have a tensile strength: five times that of cotton and durability three times that of nylon. Hemp is an excellent material to use if you care about the durability of your clothing. People used it as canvas ship’s sails, soldier’s tents, and covering wagons. Despite its many uses, hemp was always able to withstand the inevitable wear and tear.

It’s possible for something to be both sturdy and pleasant to sit on. Hemp fabrics that are soft as cotton are now available. Many hemp-based blends, such as those made with organic cotton, silk, or bamboo, offer even softer textures in addition to hemp’s renowned resilience.

The Environmental Benefits

Lastly, hemp’s power to restore the planet’s health is why you should appreciate it. Any hemp online shop is a big fan of the plant because it is environmentally friendly at every stage of its development.

UV Resistance

When used for apparel, hemp’s natural UV resistance means it doesn’t fade or degrade as quickly from exposure to sunshine as other fabrics. Hemp has been demonstrated to have a UPF of 50+, making it nearly 99% effective at blocking UVB and UVA radiation.

Any upholstery or interior design item subjected to a lot of sunshine is a good candidate because of its resistance to sunlight. Think mainly about your curtains, which receive the most direct sunlight from your home’s textiles. While modern windows effectively prevent the majority of ultraviolet rays, they do not completely block UV-A rays, which can cause the fabric to fade over time.


With so many positive effects, it’s clear why hemp is an excellent choice for human and environmental health. Because of this, you have a vast range of hemp textiles at a hemp online shop. Hemp fabrics can complete any home in an environmentally friendly fashion.


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