What Are the Benefits of Giving Gift Cards to Employees?

Gift Cards

Gift cards are more effective than cash and are the most popular for business rewards. A survey of executives found that product and travel incentives were more appealing than monetary compensation, with gift cards being the most preferred merchandise prize. About 30% of surveyed thought offering products and universal gift cards rather than cash would help create a more engaging and memorable program.

Spending Without Regrets

People can reward themselves without feeling any remorse. Many non-monetary incentive awards are seen as extravagances that participants would not typically buy for themselves or their families. Universal gift cards allow the recipient to purchase without worrying about how it would affect their budget or spending habits. For example, a worker might secretly want a high-quality music system but would never think of buying one. However, if he were to receive a gift card to an electronics store, he would not feel terrible about making a purchase. Therefore, employees find it appealing to work more to get a reward they could not justify.

They’ll Remember It More

Employees are more likely to remember the firm, the gestures made on their behalf, and the rewards they earned if they can use the money they were given toward something concrete or an experience.

Easier to Discuss with Peers and Acquaintances

A coupon or other incentive is something concrete that employees can discuss with their coworkers and friends, whereas discussing a monetary bonus can be awkward. This will make it simpler for your staff to brag about their accomplishments and reflect well on the firm, which is vital for attracting and maintaining top personnel.

Family Support

If the person’s loved ones are included in the prize decision-making process, they are more likely to encourage the participant in their pursuits. The importance of having a loving family behind you cannot be overstated. When a family member is working for a reward at work, the rest of the family is usually eager to help out. The possibility of gaining something is a factor.

Better for Secrecy

When presented with universal gift cards instead of cash, recipients are considerably more likely to brag about their good fortune. The value of a non-monetary reward increases when the recipient is proud to show it off and when the topic of discussion is open. Most people would rather chat about their recent golfing excursion or exotic vacation than their bank balance. Going out of one’s way to draw attention to tangible non-cash rewards is unnecessary because they are apparent and may be discussed openly. A non-cash incentive far outweighs its monetary value since it serves as a more effective medium for drawing attention to the reward and the work done to achieve it.

Modifiable to Fit Any Price Point or Event

Gift cards are preferable to actual incentives because they may be purchased for any amount, from $10 to $100. You may reward your staff with a gift card to a local coffee shop every Friday, or you could provide a gift card to a long-serving employee so they can celebrate their birthday at a nice restaurant.


Without sufficient acknowledgement, the right award is meaningless. The effectiveness of a rewards and recognition program is contingent not only on the attractiveness of the award itself but also on the acknowledgement that comes with it.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consider adding universal gift cards to your employee rewards program. However, this should not be the only metric you use to ensure continued employee engagement.


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