Why A Lot of Your People are Choosing a Career In IT


Technology has taken over many parts of our lives, which is a major reason why almost everyone knows their way around smartphones, computers, and the technologies that make modern living easier. There are fears technology is eliminating or will eliminate some jobs, but it is also true that it is creating numerous jobs in categories that did not exist a few decades ago. There are plenty of opportunities for young people in tech-oriented fields including IT, with younger people dominating these fields. Let us look at some reasons many young people are considering careers in IT.

Early Exposure To Technology

Most people tend to go into fields they were exposed to while growing up. It is common to see young people using technology all the time, and most of them started doing so while they were very young. This exposure makes many of them gravitate toward the familiar, and this is careers in IT and tech-related fields.

Younger companies also tend to employ younger people because they understand these fields much better than their older counterparts. For this reason, you will find the average age of employees in most young and innovative companies to hover below 40 years.

A Low Barrier of Entry

Many people think that they have to complete a multi-year degree to switch a career to IT. That is not true because numerous online resources are already available online. These resources make it easier to gain the skill needed to get hired as an IT professional.

You can use these materials and gain the skills required in about two years, with platforms like edX even offering certificates for completing their courses. All that’s needed is a computer and an internet connection and you can get started with online IT and computer science courses. 

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Younger people value flexibility so much, which is why many of them gravitate toward work-from-home jobs. IT companies provide this flexibility plus other attractive perks such as parental leave, paid time off, and healthcare plans.

All these perks lead to excellent work-life balance which many millennials and Gen Zers consider important when choosing companies to work for.

Because there are so many IT companies hiring right now, younger people also have the flexibility of choosing companies that provide them with exactly what they are looking for. That may be great working conditions or the freedom to work wherever they wish (remote work), and they are taking advantage of them.

Compensation Packages

IT companies tend to pay very well depending on one’s skill. Because the barrier to entry is quite low, younger people see they can start earning a better salary faster and so they want to work in IT and tech-related fields.


All industries need young and dynamic employees to replace their aging workforces. The IT industry is the same, and because of how fast things move in the field, you do not have to spend multiple years earning a degree. Take advantage of what is already available to land a lucrative position in IT and tech.


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