YouTube Promotion: Guide to optimizing a YouTube video


YouTube is the second largest website in the world, with over 1.9 billion monthly users. It’s also the dual largest search engine, behind only Google. 

It means that there is enormous potential for businesses and individuals to reach a large audience by promoting their YouTube videos. 

Buthow you can do YouTube promotion or how do you promote YouTube videos and get them seen by potential viewers?

As a YouTuber, staying ahead of the curve and knowing the latest tips and tricks to promote your videos is essential. Here’s a direction on how to promote YouTube videos for more engagement in 2022.

1. Choose Google-friendly keywords

An effective YouTube page begins with excellent SEO, and great SEO involves knowing what users are searching for.

People don’t just seek content on YouTube; they use Google, too. And Google now prioritizes skim-able content for web searches over videos.

Google’s search engine does not emphasize popular keywords for ranking YouTube videos. However, A bit of familiarity with YouTube’s inner workings can lead to a high-ranking video.

Here is how to find a Google-friendly keyword for any video:

  • Develop a keyword tool similar to Google Ads Keyword Planner to use.
  • Do your research on the internet using one of your options.
  • Find the top-ranking keywords for a given keyword on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Are they videos, written copy, or something else?
  • Consider adding a new word or two to increase your keyword’s search potential. Try adding words like “How do I” or “Tutorial” to continue narrowing down your results.
  • Choose a keyword that focuses on media and helps to produce your content.

Even though Adobe Photoshop Tutorial immediately directs you to a video, Adobe Photoshop Tips uses previous searches to indicate web pages.

YouTube’s autocompleted feature is another way to find popular keywords on issues and topics. Start a YouTube search by inputting a particular subject of interest, and see what the search engine suggests.

2. Use concise, descriptive video titles

Most viewers will look at your page’s title first before anything else. If it’s not attention-grabbing, your title might be your last word.

Some sound advice when considering titles for your YouTube videos:

  • In popular culture, the most-viewed YouTube videos have the shortest titles. Stick to 60 characters or fewer, or the length of some of your titles may be cut short when displayed.
  • Place keywords in the heading of your article at the beginning of the sentence, so this will not end up being overlooked. Most online readers focus on the subject line and skip the details.
  • Engaging the content does not mean “greasing the skids.” The best headlines offer a significant advantage or precipitate a strong emotional response. Clickbait is tempting, but it can be disastrous for your channel’s image in the long term.

3. Create custom thumbnails

It’s always a good move to instantly include quality thumbnails, even exceeding titles. That’s because more of a person’s brain processes visuals than text. It generally takes 13 milliseconds to understand a pic.

YouTube automatically generates thumbnails for all videos you post on the site, but they can be blurry or out of focus if they aren’t correctly optimized. To increase your videos’ impact on the site, consider making a custom thumbnail for every video you post.

We suggest these simple “rules of thumb” for best results:

  • Resolution: Any 16:9 fitting 1280 x 720 pixels is suitable. It should work as long as its length is at least 640 pixels.
  • Format: A JPEG, GIF, or PNG file.
  • Size: respect the 2MB limit
  • Emphasize the text and colors in your advertisement to give your site visitors a more compelling reason to click it.
  • Choose an image that shows a scene close up if you can.
  • Should a stock photo not be handy, include it.
  • You need to stay consistent across your other branding. Which of these thumbnails are you more likely to click upon? It looks more enticing and clickable than another.

4. Fill out your profile information

Some YouTube creators bypass the personal profile section and make their focus on content. But an eye-catching profile is one of the easiest ways to YouTube promotion and optimization of search engine.

Some tips for creating a YouTube profile that will maximize and promote YouTube channel capabilities:

  • Design your website, and other social media feeds to draw on a similar style, color schemes, writing style, and layout.
  • Optimizing your YouTube page’s description is a superb way to include keywords. YouTube tends to penalize tag stuffing, but including a few keywords will facilitate optimization.
  • Keep your community interested in coming back. What daytimes do you intend to keep posting new articles? Let your audiences know your schedule, then try to stick to it.
  • When you decide to give contact info, you never know what kind of individual will need to see it. Make it simple, and you’ll intrigue a lot of possible partners.

5. Optimize your video descriptions

We can create a complete video description from our comprehensive guide to writing compelling YouTube descriptions, which also contains personal and channel tips to promote YouTube videos. Additionally, we have tips and templates for fully customizing the cost-free review descriptions.

If you were a screenwriter for a movie, here is what you’d consider helping your script land a deal:

  • Board those keywords in the description and error code.
  • Provide the essential information in the first 100–150 words above the SHOW MORE button, keeping in mind the 5000-character restriction.
  • You may need to date and time stamp your site’s content if the website contains valuable data, which can also be challenging to access.
  • Wholly include a few relevant hashtags in your YouTube posts. Follow YouTube’s hashtag rules before submitting.

The video also offers keywords you can use for an enhanced intro. Like text, people ignore videos for too long. Put in a few keywords during a brief intro to garner the most interest.

Henry Media Group podcasts describe steps with timestamps.


In conclusion, following these stages will help to optimize your YouTube videos and make them more searchable and viewable by potential viewers. By using keywords, tagging your videos, and creating engaging titles and descriptions, you can increase your chances of seeing your videos by those looking for content like yours. So, contact out there and start optimizing your YouTube videos today!


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